Does F1 2010 Cheat on Players? Video Proves Faked Times by AI Drivers

Another bug in F1 2010 emerged which proves that the game tricks with the lap results of AI drivers. Codemasters announced, that a patch is in the making that could dissolve this serious problem.

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ultramoot3336d ago

Didn't know about this. But I found it quite strange that in a very-damp track that still needed an intermediate-tyre for me, the AI was already posting dry-track lap times(ones that you'd only get using slick-tyres), and when I went out on-track all of them were still wearing intermediate-tyres. It was a big WTF for me.

This explains everything. Quite disappointing really. It's these kind of things that take away the magic from the overall experience. And without the safety car, I change my score from 8.5/10 to 7/10.

Hideo_Kojima3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

It's these kind of things that make GT5....


GiantJedi3336d ago

Best...around...nothin's gonna go and bring it down...

beardpapa3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

lol I already mentioned this in a comment before. it's a very bad bug when Alonso is running around in a wet race with slicks on and still manage first. another bug I bumped into last night is that the ai can go in pit behind me but never really stop for any changes (they'll just continue thru from entrance to pit lane to exit). another bug is that they can also go in pit without the limiter and suffer no penalties.

hazelamy3335d ago

alonso cheating? that's a shocker. :)

ProjectVulcan3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Yup. I consider myself reasonably good at racing games. Was astounded when at practice at hockenheim soaking wet the AI managed to post 1.20s. I absolutely pushed my lotus to the edge on both wets and inters and only broke a 1.21.

Qualifying came around and it was bone dry. My very first lap on the option tyres was a 1.18 no sweat. However when i checked the AI times, they were struggling to break under 1.20. That the AI times were unbeatable in the wet but no faster in the bone dry on slicks is a glaring bug.

Def Warrant3336d ago

lol i traded this turd in at roughly 1635 today.

MovieScouse0073336d ago

The childlike narrator's main problem is that he can't understand how a driver in second place can be faster than the driver in front. Has he never watched F1?
This is a badly formulated theory, if it was even thought out at all!
Children should not be allowed to pontificate as if they were presenting facts.

ultramoot3336d ago

It's not about who was in front or back. The problem was that the AI was posting an impossible time on the very first lap. The AI can't possibly be over 6 seconds faster on the opening lap than the player in that video.

Even Codemasters themselves admitted that the AI cars were there for visual purposes only, and that the AI lap times were more or less pre-determined by the game itself and not a proper timer like the player has. Go and have a look at their forums. No need to be a douchebag about it.

SasanovaS19873336d ago

way to make yourself look stupid dam, id go spit in a mirror if i was you

Knushwood Butt3336d ago

Or go pontificate in a mirror..

ExPresident3336d ago

Without reading the article this reminds me of all those times as a kid I played games on the original Nintendo that made you scream, cry, and rage out of your mind about the AI being stupidly hard. Hearing that the AI cheats in a game does not shock me at all.

Knushwood Butt3336d ago

True, doesn't surprise me, but ensures that I won't be buying this.

alphakennybody3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I don't see what people sees in codemasters, never liked any of their games.F1 should've been given to a sim dev not an arcade dev.

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The story is too old to be commented.