Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades Clarifies Uncharted 2 Comments

SPOnG: "Earlier today we ran a story regarding Ninja Theory main-man Tameem Antoniades' presentation at BAFTA last night. In the interest of transparency and clarity, we are now running a follow-up that clarifies what Tameem said about Uncharted 2's animations."

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Stuart57562945d ago

More like Platinum standard, Naughty Dog are the best, you better prove shit if you think you're better.

Keith Olbermann2945d ago

how enslaved performs....who knows..he may have a leg to stand on..maybe.

westy5522944d ago

Well going by the ps3 demo of enslaved, its not great on a graphical standard, mind you the game is fun but aint breaking any records in the looks department. And @ number47 defiantly agree.

inveni02944d ago

Naughty Dog's animations are top notch. I've played the Enslaved demo, and the animations weren't even close to Uncharted quality. So now we know that the lighting, texturing and animations are all sub-Uncharted.

Someone needs to tell the guys at NT that there's no shame in being sub-Uncharted. They aren't alone.

number472944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Their game is rubbish, and even mentioning UC2 has nothing to do with them. They are trying to get some sort of association with greatness as if animation alone -- is why UC2 was epic. No, story/score/gameplay/visuals. In this climate of media dumbastedness, they are well aware of how things are taken out of context. It doesn't even need to be mentioned imo since lots of game devs do motion & face capture, watching the behind the scenes of UC2 you can see they also do face..

NT isn't raising any bars with the unreal engine, or the scope of enslaved.

Another case of a developer with PS3exclusivitus.

Redempteur2944d ago

i agree that's damage control

Pennywise2945d ago

Looks like V-Neck is doing some back peddling!

Dnied2945d ago

Ok can somebody clarify for me:

"However, I am a firm believer in performance capture (capturing face, body and voice simultaneously for multiple actors). It is a technique we pioneered in games with Heavenly Sword working alongside Weta Digital and gives, in my opinion, the most honest representation of human drama."

I thought this IS exactly what ND does? lol this si the second time hes said that, am I crazy? I coulda sworn i watched the making of videos and they were recording voice, acting, animation etc all at once...

DemiseofPandas2945d ago

Yeah the proof is on the blu-ray, I guess he just needs his ego stroked to think he is pioneering something, or to have an iconic character remodeled after himself.

Christopher2945d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

There's no proof of who pioneered what, but it's highly unlikely that one had any effect on the other. I really hate that they're talking all high and mighty, it's just annoying.

Heavenly Sword began development in 2002 and Uncharted in 2004, but that says nothing about when they began recording motion captured scenes.

Personally, I say shut up and prove that you're the best.

@Demise: My response wasn't directed at you. Just to the comment made by Tameem in the article.

DemiseofPandas2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

I wasn't saying one pioneered it or the other, just agreeing that he went out of his way to clarify an ill informed statement. The fact is that ND does MoCap with all the actors together, and he claims they do not. I've read many statements by this man, and I do say his ego is showing. The Mocap and facial in Heavenly Sword were great and hold up even to today, but NT has a lot more they need to prove, before making such arrogant statements without knowing all the facts.

@cgoodno I can tell you are well informed poster and I enjoy your comment, I guess I felt my post may have been ambiguous and needed to clarify my own statement further.

Triella2944d ago

They're right with one thing Ninja Theory does actually motion caputres movements but also faces expression at the same time, ND only track movements (and dialogues). But it doesn't necessarily mean what they do is better than what ND did in Uncharted2 by applying faces expressions in postproduction. I think the latter actually gives developper more freedom because they are not bound by the actor's play and can adapt the face expression at will.

Sometimes in Heavenly Sword you got a weird impression the face is affixed separately, I've seen that in the Enslaved demo too when Trip is in the pod, looking at Monkey.

nycredude2944d ago

Whatever happened they must be on a budget cause teh facial expressions in Enslaved doesn't even beat out Heaven Sword's facial expressions.

Lombax2944d ago

Actually ND only does body Mo-Cap. They animate all the facial movements by hand.

solidjun52945d ago

Well, the previous article had a sensationalist headline. I mean, once you read the whole article, he was talking about different techniques used for motion capture and he used Uncharted as a reference point. I really don't see the point of clarifying.

Malice-Flare2945d ago

everything needs to be crystal clear, and even with that, it is the idiots calling themselves "bloggers" or "journalists" that do the misconstruing...

Cloudberry2945d ago

But the net sometimes (if not, most) taken things out of the context (misleading, or fake even, etc).

So, it's not surprising if the source subject clarified it.

And yes, I agree with your quote:

"he was talking about different techniques used for motion capture and he used Uncharted as a reference point."

SPOnG2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Hi there, Tim from SPOnG here.

The point of clarifying was the make sure that our readers and the people we write about are treated fairly. Tameem took the time to contact us - politely. We responded to him. He was happy to provide a quote. We were able to process the audio and run that so that the readership could have the actual detail there.

I thought it was a better all concerned to run a right of reply for reasons of clarity and fairness. Especially given Tameem's final comment in this story.


Baka-akaB2944d ago

The problem is more than the headline . Like said above , he is insistent and adamant that they use a technique naughty dog doesnt , when it has been stated and proven via documentaries , that naughty dog did in fact use it .

Even with a clarification , that still make little sense

CoxMulder2944d ago

ND didn't capture facial expressions (& hands) though, check this vid:

relevant part at 3:30 min

Regarding Enslaved, I think it's pretty disappointing that the Heavenly Sword cutscenes still have the edge over Enslaved. The game being 3 years old and all..

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ActionBastard2945d ago

Why does he look like Dante? And he's the game director. Hmmm...

solidjun52945d ago

I thought the exact same thing when I saw the video in the other article that defended the change. I was like, "you know...he looks like Dante. Did they really have a 100 concept arts or just took a picture of this guy and said, 'let's do this!'."

ActionBastard2945d ago

It's between him and K.D Lang as the inspiration for the new Dante.

andron2944d ago

i have also noticed the similarities. They sure took their time designing the new Dante, he just took his own face and made it younger..

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