PSP Slim and Lite available in UK from September 5th

Sony has confirmed the redesigned PSP will launch in the UK and Europe on Wednesday September 5th at EUR 169 (£130 in UK).

The new PSP will be available in the three previously announced colours, namely Piano Black, Ceramic White and Ice Silver.

Exclusive to Europe and for a limited time, two Limited Edition PSP bundles will also be available.

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ENNO4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

the Da Rite Feacherz is BACK!!!tns,mk red and mercenary have some competition!hmmm wonder where dc rid3r has gone too?

Longcry4075d ago

I can't wait to get one PSP slim.

I have an original PSP but I want to get a psp slim also because with all the new features add it on. WOW!! I can't wait.

thatdude4075d ago

Sonys trying to kill my wallet this september

Wolverick4075d ago

When is it going to be released here?