MS: Kinect launch will be bigger than PS3, 360, Wii

Microsoft has claimed that Kinect's launch can be bigger than that of every console in history - including Xbox 360 itself.

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Stunt3339d ago

As interesting as Kinect looks, I highly doubt that.

XANDEO3339d ago

I get the feeling if this fails then microsoft's gaming division will be feeling the pinch for a few years to come.

JokesOnYou3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

and make a new prediction just like sony does but of course Phil Spencer is a PR guy, so he's going to hype Kinect as if its the greatest thing since slice bread and everybody wants to taste the bread. In the same interview he seemed to be more realistic with this final statement:

"You forecast, you hope, you do your best, right? You ship something. I know my manager, Don Mattrick, was quoted saying a holiday target of over 3 million.

"I think about it in a bigger way than that. Not that Don's wrong; that's the number that he stated, but a lot has to happen in order for us to have success. Our content partners have to ship great games, our retail partners have to be there with us, our marketing has to be there in a very impactful way."


units3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

couldnt have said it better

N4g_null3339d ago

And there you have the problems with the ps3. No matter what a fanboys says Sony needs third party games bad.1st party is getting awards but not sales that push new systems.

He is talking like they are launching this stuff with out having all of these things in place. Being first does not matter being fun does.

dangert123339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Ok really microsoft its going to be that big
so there you have it core gamers
your money for new Ip's and studio's have gone on
Developing Kinect
Launching/Advertising it
A few months ago i really loved my xbox but it does seem as if microsoft have lost there way

Christopher3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I wouldn't doubt it, but Microsoft is likely to lose a lot more money on Kinect in their first few months, even year, due to how much money they're spending on marketing the heck out of it. Kinect isn't going to win because of the technology, though, it's going to win because Microsoft is going to advertise the hell out of it.

If this does fail, I would expect to see more than a few heads roll over at Microsoft since the shareholders didn't like the concept to begin with and wanted them to switch back to just supporting the 360 console with games and other software.

Seferoth753339d ago

Losing money is par for the course when launching a product. You think Sony made money off of developing the PS3? You don't think Sony used their money from game sales to make Sports Champion?

Nintendo is currently losing money as they ramp up for the 3DS. It's common business

Christopher3339d ago

Yeah, but we're talking huge losses. Not just those from R&D, but those from an extremely extensive and costly marketing. That's why I think their overall revenue will see a loss. I wasn't talking about just losing money on Kinect, but so much that they wouldn't see a profit at the end of the year.

MicroSony4Life3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

but you have to take into account that the Kinect tech is not only for the 360 but MS is looking to implement it in other devices as well.

Kinect could just be a testing ground for what MS has in plan for Kinect tech.

I dont think the 360 sales will dtermine if the tech was a failure or not.

Christopher3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Very hard for them to implement their tech into other devices. The concept is based on standing away from a device and software that reads the data received and performs various calculations on it. I just don't see where this would be viable considering the extreme costs in creating something that's even close to being capable of matching surface touch technology already out there. Specifically the ability to accurate read gestures at the hand-level for manipulating data in real time. The Kinect technology is the most basic of gestures, and is actually primarily a tracking tool in most games and not dynamically responsive to said gestures, and has the delay of having to be captured and then processed for the action being made. Surface touch technology is immediate and can detect the specific gestures of a person's finger/hand already and offers a portable technology solution.

I think Kinect is too big of an investment on Microsoft's end for it to fail. I also don't think the sales will be bad, in fact more than likely much better than Move. But, there's always the chance that it could fail.

Seferoth753338d ago

Nintendo lost 100million? That is nothing. You are acting like it is the billions Sony lost.
Sorry but it's easy to understand 1 quarter having a loss when launching a new product.

You do understand it is more than R&D? They are buying the pieces to put millions of 3DS together so they are ready for launch. You really think that is something cheap?

Just pretend its Sony that lost 100 million. Maybe if you got the hate out of your system you could use some common sense to figure things out.

Of course most of you would agree if it were Sony and billions of dollars but its Nintendo so that 100 million is going to be treated like a trillion in the eyes of the haters

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Tapey3339d ago

I think Kinect will be a huge success. The thing is, the average consumer doesn't read up articles on the hardware online, they don't see videos and hands-on reports that the tech doesn't work correctly or that there aren't really any games. All the average consumer will see for Kinect is the advertising campaign which Microsoft will no doubt have a lot of cash to spend on, and that's what will see its success at the end of the day. No doubt there will be a lot of buyers remorse when people realize that it doesn't work as advertised, but it will sell a tremendous amount regardless.

I mean this is the same company that released a broken console, sold millions, and then got everybody who purchased it within the first year to go out and buy the console a second time (be it an Elite or a Slim). They're absolute geniuses at selling products, and I'm positive that they will have all of those exact same people lining up to buy Kinect. It's a guaranteed success.

ExPresident3339d ago

I wouldn't call them 'absolute geniuses at selling products'. I'd call the people who have purchased several of the consoles idiots for supporting a company who clearly didn't value their customers enough to treat them to a quality product. Kinect may do well simply because Microsoft will do what Microsoft is good at, and that is advertising. Clearly if they pump enough money into that, they will reach the masses who have been proven in the past to not read up or be knowledgeable on many purchases and merely get it because they saw it on TV.

I'm not saying everyone falls into this category but many do when it comes to electronics. The problem with Kinect is that from all the videos it just doesn't look good, lags etc. Word of mouth will eventually kill the product if it doesn't live up to expectations.

Keith Olbermann3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

The average casual consumer wont spend $200 on a system and then buy a $150 piece of equipment to play a game where your bouncing balls or driving a car with no controller. Thats not including the price of games.

matey3339d ago

what it will sell 25 million plus like wii did what ever Microsoft bosses chat some good old shit wow only the Wii2 will be bigger than wii and Iwata wants people to know it will leave your mouths open

timmyrulz3339d ago

Only time will tell, who would have thought that the wii would be a success or even the PS1 back in the day

Developer support, marketing and a bit of luck will decide Kinects fate, not a minority bunch of pissed of core gamers who dont like the idea of jumping around like a loon

AceofStaves3339d ago

Actually, the consumer will decide Kinect's fate. If they don't buy the product, all the dev support and marketing dollars won't mean anything.

Anon19743339d ago

Just keep digging that hole, Microsoft.

3339d ago
CptBach3339d ago

You can do anything you want with money

The launch will be bigger = more spending on marketing
The launch will be bigger =/= big sales

krisq3339d ago

I just can't wait for another CIRQUE DU SOLEIL...:/

wsoutlaw873339d ago

are they trying to set them selves up for disapoitment i just don't see how that would be possible

gamingdroid3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

If you actually read the source, the information is really presented differently. This is really re-hasing it in an almost inflamatory way to get hits. Here is the actual quote by Phil Spencer:

"You forecast, you hope, you do your best, right? You ship something. I know my manager, Don Mattrick, was quoted saying a holiday target of over 3 million. I think about it in a bigger way than that. Not that Don's wrong; that's the number that he stated, but a lot has to happen in order for us to have success. Our content partners have to ship great games, our retail partners have to be there with us, our marketing has to be there in a very impactful way. We are investing in this like we've never invested in a platform launch. This is, for us, the biggest platform launch in the history of the industry."


Notice, this is for "US", the biggest platform launch in the history of the industry.

n4gno3339d ago

"as interesting" ?

do you ignore like some others here, each previews, opinions, videos, etc ?

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Hellsvacancy3339d ago

"Kinect launch will be bigger than PS3, 360, Wii" lol, now u know its gonna fail

DFresh3339d ago

Yeah right.
Unless the price drops significantly and offers some good games it won't succeed.
Simple as that.

Roonie3339d ago

If kinect fails to live up to this outragous predictions by MS I don't think MS fanatics or MS them selves will be able to defend kinect.........

Lucreto3339d ago

I would prefer more money on more games than a huge advertising campaign on something I will probably never buy.

Stop going after my Mum and my Gran and focus on the loyal hardcore game or does MS think we are in their back pocket already.

AceofStaves3339d ago

I think Microsoft knows that, as long as they continue to offer the titles their core audience wants, then the 'hardcore' fanbase will remain loyal.

I'm not sure why the hardcore would abandon MS over Kinect anyway - as long as the 360 still offers them the games they want, what does it matter if the camera peripheral attracts a different set of gamers to the platform?

Unless MS stopped releasing the top-tier games the hardcore expect, that is.

madjedi3339d ago

I speak from the opposite camp on this subject, but what is likely pissing 360 gamers off with ms.

Is the money they have spent on natal, could have been used to buy or build some first party studios, so the 360 would have some new exclusives.

And this could just be me, but i know crackdown didn't have halo's sales numbers, but it is a fun exclusive game. That ms couldn't have spent a little more money and another 8-12 months on so the game would be alot better than part 2 is.

Ms should sell the ip to ea or activision, take two if there just going to let it wither and die like that, giving it only 6 months dev time.

Lmao at the title, time to put the pipe down.