CVG - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review

You can Count on it

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joydestroy2941d ago

yup! this game popped up on my radar last week. not sure how i was overlooking it. but buying on release day for sure. looks amazing

FiftyFourPointTwo2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Your join date says you're the imposter. . .

KratosGirI2941d ago

You clearly know jack shit about KratosGirl's origin, fool.

I created that avatar from Kratos' face and DeadSpaceGirl's hair!

Christopher2941d ago

So, the exact same score as God of War 3? I'm not seeing that personally, but at least people are finding the game enjoyable and fun. Will have to see if it lives up to that when I get it in my hands.

Game-ur2941d ago

CVG say the game takes about 25 hours, others say it's about 20+, so this maybe a new standard in a hack & slash game.

Christopher2941d ago

The question is if it can remain fun throughout the whole 20-25 hours. Based on the reviews, it looks likely. Hope I can find the time to finish it before other October releases I have on pre-order.

Lombax2941d ago

I don't know whether to be scared, or aroused.


8thnightvolley2941d ago

i wasnt really looking at this game b4 but now the hype as sure set in and is in full swing.. cant wait... to play this...KOJIMA thnks mecury u guys are right up there in my books to make a castlevannia game just they way we want it...


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plb2941d ago

Going to put a preorder in at gamestop today.

byeGollum2941d ago

all of a sudden its poppin on ppls radars now... if it were gettin 8s nd 7.5s ... I wonder what the story would be

Cloudberry2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

The same case with Red Dead Redemption.

I don't even know what kind of game Red Dead Redemption is, but the great scores it receives putting it on my list.


I already predicted Lords Of Shadow would also have great reviews, so it's self explanatory.

joydestroy2941d ago

actually, i saw a gameplay vid last week that got me interested. this was before reviews started coming in...

then i saw that 11min vid yesterday and was impressed with the combat. again, before i saw any review score. game looks good. was either gonna get Enslaved (not after playing that demo, horrid) or Vanquish but Castlevania trumps them both imo.