Gameblog: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a fantasy action adventure. A big congratulations to the Spanish Mercury Steam So, despite some problems finishing and settings gameplay ... They wish in any case much success on this one, because mine anything, you would not say no to a sequel!

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Game-ur2944d ago

I want to start a blog just to get free pre relese games.

yog-sothot2944d ago

Despite its name, Gameblog is actually not just a small blog on videogames created to get free games, it's the number 3 or 4 french videogames website (after and probably) and most of its editors have years of expertise in paper magazines.

Obviously, this is much smaller than american websites such as gamespot and such.

joydestroy2944d ago

releases tomorrow for non PS+ Euro kids.

BYE2944d ago

This game is not for kids! ;)

GiantJedi2944d ago

Finally a PS store that has something I want!

solidsmith12944d ago

I want this game sooo bad!!!

Yangus2944d ago

Ouantum Theory better............

And this:

Ninja Gaiden,Castlevania,Bayonetta,G od of War....medicore:)

2944d ago