Videogamer: Castlevania Lords of Shadow Review

"Calling CLOS a surprise hit might be a little unfair, as the game looked impressive throughout development, but it's fair to say that I simply didn't expect to enjoy it this much. With a combat system that cleverly overcomes button mashing, wonderful design work and a story that spans far longer than your average video game, Lords of Shadow is exactly what the Castlevania franchise needed to find popularity with a new generation of gamers - and us oldies too."

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Keith Olbermann3341d ago

I was worried about this one but all of the reviews so far have been good. I will be checking this one out.

Simon_Brezhnev3341d ago

I want to play demo before i even think about buying it.

Keith Olbermann3341d ago

coming out soon. I will gamefly this and perhaps buy it later. Fallout New Vegas will be getting my money.


I think a game like this kind of shows up how bad other reviews can be... I mean from what I keep reading it sounds like this game should be more then a 9.. but thats only because there is so much Junk out there that gets a 9, for a game of this quality it should not be put in the same league with them.

anyway, this may be my day 1 purchase for the season ( everything else will wait for the xmas bargain bin )

I HARLEM I3341d ago


dosgrtr3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

just wait till tomorrow for the ps store update,i think it should be there