Medal of Honor outcry 'has affected morale' - Dev

The controversy surrounding Medal of Honor's inclusion of playable Taliban soldiers has affected team morale at developer Danger Close.

That's according to executive producer, Greg Goodrich, who in an interview with CVG admitted the backlash has had a negative effect on the Medal of Honor team.

"I don't understand why it came when it did but it came and it hurt. It was a morale hit and everything," he said.

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wat6342968d ago

Ea and I would love the publicity.

DarkTower8052967d ago

Man up Danger Close, I don't want a bunch of panzies making my war game.

sickbird2967d ago

He's pissed because the team isn't getting any recognition for the hard work they put in, people are just looking at the characters you can play as. Dont be a dick. It really is absurd, no one had a problem playing as Nazi's or Vietnamese. This country gets all worked up over the wrong shit. The polar ice caps are melting people!!! You know that means?!?! your childrens children are gonna die!

RememberThe3572967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

They take pride in making these games authentic and honorable to the soldiers. What does to media(Fox News) do? They focus on the fact that you can play as a terrorist and imply that this game is offensive to the soldier. That goes against everything they worked for.The first media coverage of their game is the opposite of the truth. That sucks.

@Wolf: Bubbles. Well said.

sickbird2967d ago

Plus soldiers were interviewed and they all said they cant wait to play it, and that the negative press is ridiculous. ITS A VIDEO GAME, all these middle aged woman learn to keep their mouths shut.

Alvadr2967d ago

@ wolfam1

The issue is that Nazis and Vietnamese represent past wars that our grandfathers fought in.

People have friends, family actually fighting the Taliban right now and therefore is a sensitive issue. Not everyone will see this as paying tributes to soldiers currently fighting wars and the developer should have known better.

sickbird2967d ago

yes, but it is not real! its a game, your not harming real people. If your offended don't play the game. These people act as if kids are going to all of the sudden be like "wow i really sympathize with these terrorists i support their actions" its a game, your not supporting anyone but the people who made it.

RememberThe3572967d ago

It's wrong to play as the Taliban but it's OK to ripe libs off of god in God of War 3?

There is not line being crossed here that hasn't been crossed many times before. These are just people who are addicted to getting up in arms over stuff they don't understand. Like Wolf said above, if it offends you, don't play it. But don't try to push your feeling on to me. If this was detrimental to our society then it would be an other story, but it's not and I want to play this game. If people can't see that this game is paying respect to those who fight then they are not looking at the game for what it is and only seeing that the other side of the multiplayer is call "Taliban" instead of the generic and not authentic "Terrorist". If that's how deep someones thought process goes, they really shouldn't be speaking about the welfare of our society.

ozps32967d ago

Probably Boby the (unt Kotic started this, because MOH is going to kick COD BO, the graphics on COD BO look last gen.

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imoutofthecontest2967d ago

When does this come out? I'm going to buy it.

MysticStrummer2967d ago

They should realize that the outcry is from morons who have no problem playing as Nazis, and also that the publicity is good for them.

HOSe2967d ago

you know whats affecting my moral - dlc - and not knowing how many maps mp will ship with

jack_burt0n2967d ago

I reckon bobby kotick has slipped some money to fox news.

Thats a joke and serious at the same...

IaMs122967d ago

Bobby Kotick giving money away HA! sir its not April yet

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