Halo: Reach DLC Wish List (RunDLC)

Last week, it was revealed that Bungie intends to bump up the total number of gamer points in Halo: Reach from 1,000 to 1250. That, of course, can only mean one thing: downloadable content is on the way. The company has already gone on record as saying that it’ll be multiplayer focused, almost closing the door on single-player side missions, but whatever. At some point in the future, you’ll be able to enhance your Reach experience with some good old-fashioned DLC.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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The Meerkat3340d ago

5 more Invasion maps would be nice.

LycanSoldier3340d ago

Spire is a good map, but I do get sick of playing it 50 times in a row because it's the only map people vote for

Buff10443340d ago

True...the game could use a bit more variety. But don't get me wrong...there's a ton of stuff on the disc.

antz11043339d ago

True, and it gets annoying when ppl keep picking "infection" on that level.

theonlylolking3339d ago

I like boneyard more than spire and it does get annoying that people see spire and vote for it right away.

BARF3339d ago

maybe they could release some maps that dont suck. the maps in reach are absolutely terrible. i have no clue what they were trying to do when the maps were made. the only good maps are the forge maps.

coolbeans3340d ago

I'd like to see more than 5 maps. Maybe they can add a few extras as well (more Armor add-ons).

Buff10443340d ago

I don't think Bungie would release so little content for $15. At that price, I expect a ton of stuff.

TheDCD3340d ago

Yeah, I'm sure Bungie will have something good up its sleeve.

m233340d ago

I doubt they would let you play as hunters or add new weapons. I don't even see them remaking old halo maps because of Forge World. When the DLC does launch, I have no doubt they will be new maps and not remakes. I think they also said they will be raising the rank cap and be putting in some new armour as well. I'm just about to reach Captain.

Buff10443340d ago've been playing quite a bit then, right?

m233340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

I get to play an hour or two a day. I haven't touched any other game since I got it. I was in the middle of Red Dead Redemption when I got Reach. I get about 700-1000cr a match.

Buff10443339d ago

That's cool...I wish I could stick to one game. Would get a lot more done.

antz11043339d ago

Nice, I've been playing pretty regularly as well but there's Borderlands and L4D2 DLC over the next week. Lol don't think I'm reaching captain anytime soon.

theonlylolking3339d ago

15 more maps

5 invasion maps

5 rumble pit and team slayer maps

5 big team slayer maps

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