Molyneux: "Kinect is a rich ground for invention"

GamerZines writes:

Microsoft Game Studios' creative director and head of Lionhead Studios, Peter Molyneux, has commented on the casual-orientated launch line-up for Kinect and how whilst it "is a rich ground for invention," it will "take the inventive stuff a while to get out into the open."

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MrMccormo3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

No it is not. So far, it is a rich ground for cashing in on the innovations already laid down by Eye and Eyetoy.

Before you click disagree, show me a single ACTUAL CONFIRMED RELEASE game on Kinect that does something different than Eye/Eyetoy.

And does anyone else notice how ONLY Microsoft and their employees are saying good things about Kinect? For the most part, other devs are either silent on the matter or they speak about its limitations.

anthraxCZ3337d ago

actually it is, but no one showed something inventing yet

sadly project milo, which as only one looked really promising, probably does not work

PimpHandHappy3337d ago

In what way? I will not make a joke about "boy lovers" but really what did it show... Everything it showed at E3 was fake and interacting with any boy/girl/women/man/child/human while interesting in real life is not something a game, something we do for fun, can really do and make fun! Oh look at Milo learn to read.. Look at Milo learning how to kick a soccer ball.. Let me show you Milo

Milo was the prime example of how MS and most Corporations relate to us, the consumer! They think we are stupid and for about 75% of us consumers they are right. If you thought it looked promising then i would clump you into that 75%

Nitrowolf23337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

It wasn't the fact that Milo seemed like one of those why make it games. Ignore the fact that it is Milo. Ignore the kid, pretend you are playing a game like Fallout 3. Character interaction. That is what made it so promising. Yes the eyetoy can do this as well but from what they showed us (staged) it showed possibilities, pretty much just an upgraded version that actually had work put into it. idk if Kinect can do this.
but anyway there will still be limitations, i mean yu can say the wrong thing and not get a response.

Milo separates from other Kinect games, its more of a tech demo that they were testing and trying to show off.

plb3337d ago

Project Milo wasn't even real. The concept perhaps but the footage was not.

outrageous3337d ago

It's sad that fanboys have to be so ignorant ALL the time. Do you guys do ANY research between recess at school. Look at this guy above saying the only people saying nice things about Kinect are M$...LMFAO.

Peter Molyneux is takes time for a new high tech device to become integrated into a current platform. Guerrilla games took 6 years to come to grips with the cell processor and the game STILL had a host of technical issues with the controls, loading..etc.

Kinect will have it's breakthrough in the new year because there are alot of devs working on the tech as we speak as well as M$ R&D trying to get the software running on all cylinders.

Peter Molyneux already showed some impressive tech for Kinect through his Milo Demo. While M$ has " asked " Mr Lionhead not to make a Milo game, Peter has said that you will see the tech in a future Fable's the latest August 2010...

I think any one with any imagination can see a game right there already but things are really starting to pick up outside of M$. Recently the TGS had some really exciting news for anyone following, let Kudo explain...

As for the tech behind Kinect, M$ was kind enough to share some more info...

While the SDF ( and Sony themselves ) continue to complain, M$ has gone about their business in a professional manner, getting out there to cities and communities around the world to showcase what they hope will be something people will be interested in...Nobody is forcing anyone to buy the thing...the SDF needs to calm


I think there is no argue that full body track without mocap suits have a lot of potential. The thing we all ask is if the tech is already practical and, even if it is, how far it can be applied to games? We are waiting for MS to show this, but so far all we seen was things really similar to what was already done with EyeToy/Eye.

garos823337d ago

agree and bubbles. you the only person ive seen find a reasonable argument for kinect. even though i dont fully believe it can be done (that milo tech demo was impressive:not as a game but rather as a concept) this generation.

microsofts smoke and mirror presentations are deteriorating fast and then people will really see what kinect really is.

PimpHandHappy3337d ago

Peter Molyneux already showed some impressive tech for Kinect through his Milo Demo.

yea ok
you mean the demo that wasnt being played but instead being acted to by the girl doing the talking like she was playing a role from a script!
it was not a demo of anything!!! It was a cut scene that was praticed for weeks b4 showtime

Hades13373337d ago

it will "take the inventive stuff a while to get out into the open."

You don't even have to read the article for that quote.

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karim3337d ago

well there's the survival horror games that i forgot their name + we will all know if it's innovative in a month

MaximusPrime3337d ago

survival horror? damn that sounds boring.

Hands Up For Games3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )


OK cool, you find Survival Horror boring, lots of people dont. What genres excite you then?

Raikiri3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Kinect Will not fail, If kinect fails then the move will fail a lot harder IMO cuz the move doesn't have the same massive line-up of Exclusive's Kinect has...right now Kinect has more exclusive hardcore games then move lined up.

Kinect Core Exclusives are:

Project Draco
Codename D
Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor
Rise of Nightmares
Haunt (might not be hardcore since it has a cartoony style)
Fighters Uncaged
Kinect Star Wars

Move Core Exclusives are:

Sorcery(might not be hardcore)
Heroes on The move(might not be hardcore)
Echochrome 2
The shoot (on-rails if you were wondering)

And yes it does matter because exclusives are the games that are going to sell them to casuals so Kinect is kind of lucky that old games don't work with it it will get more exclusives that way, Move is compatible with a lot of older games but the casuals don't know that.
And thats the point of kinect, to bring casual gamers to gaming and a lot of those casuals will eventually turn into core.

OT: I agree with Molyneux, Kinect is a rich ground for invention,Milo is the evidence of that and there will be more Creative games coming out for kinect they have a lot of third-party support, Move is similar to Wii therefore they would just stick to making Wii games better and is difficult to be creative with since developers are limited to using only one Move Motion controller (so no Navigation controller) cuz not everyone will have two Motion Controllers

karim3337d ago

Agreed With Both of you except Maximus (Sorry) because i really like to be scared and who knows maybe MS will pull a shocker and put a multiplayer designed for kinect or make a harry potter-ish game and comes with an exclusive wand i'd really be excited :) {by the way i'm not a fanboy next week i'm gonna buy a ps3 and i already have a wii :D)

garos823337d ago

o please shut up!
"Haunt (might not be hardcore since it has a cartoony style)" you dont even know what your talking about. your a bloody imbecille.

ive been playing with the move and its a blast so far. you forgot to mention "hardcore" games for move such as resi 5,heavy rain, LBP2, Killzone 3 etc. i havent played any of them yet and they may indeed flop as a result of move compatibility, but ill put my money down from now and say that i have much higher hopes for those core games than ANYTHING kinect has shown us so far.

ps have fun with Steel Battalion

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Raikiri3337d ago

a lot of other developers have said good things about kinect not ONLY Microsoft Employees, Why do you think it has so many third-party support?

gamingdroid3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Seven Japanese Developers Discuss Their Visions of Project Natal

Five legendary Japanese game creators announce Kinect for Xbox 360 projects

Need I say more?

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wat6343337d ago

Kinect is a step towards the future, Just watch.

MrMccormo3337d ago

Yes, a future of shovelware and cash-ins made by Activision. Enjoy the future!

8-bit3337d ago

Our future on rails. Is a bright one

mcstorm3337d ago

I agree with you the problem is alot of people are saying all games are on railes but if you read what is being said by MS EA ect they all say the same thing we have to think of different ways to make a game for Kinect. Every one slagged the wii off saying it was a fad and sales would not hold up and you cannot replace the standard controller.
Well how the tables have turned now both Sony and MS have now moved into the motion controller option. The big N are the best at creating the new controllers and have been since the SNES, it had more buttons than the Mega Drive and shoulder buttons then they had the 1st analog and rumble controller and now the Wii.

MS are not stupid and yes Kinect is only looking good for sports and dance games right now but it is up to the developers to come up with new ideas to use Kinects technology just like company’s did with the wii controller.

MS have also said we dont want old games to have kinect added to them because they know they will end up in the same boat as Sony with move look at all the games that have had move added to them all score less than they did when they were released and it is not a big selling point to bring new customers to the consoles.

Kinect is going to be big over the next few years I dont think it will be as big as the Wii has been but it will help push the 360 into more homes than just the core gamers.

Im looking forward to next year to see what MS sony and Nintendo bring to their consoles to get the best out of there tech.

BrianG3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

In regards to your not adding Kinect to previous games like Sony did Move

Why not? All it offers is an added bonus for those that bought the motion device and games before, since they can be patched for Move, and most patches are free. If they could patch old 360 for Kinect then why wouldn't they? Honestly to me it seems a bit unlikely that you could patch a game for such a radical change in input and still offer a patch for free. But still, theres nothing wrong with patching old games, just gives us more to play with our new motion control devices.

And honestly, being able to play my existing library of games with Move does make me want to get it more. So it is a selling point, and a big one. The games you love you can play in a new way, nothing wrong with that. And even if the review scores go down, it doesn't matter, reviews are opinions anyways, we all have our own, and if the update is free, why not try it and give your own opinions.

plb3337d ago

Say hi to skittles for me.

AceofStaves3337d ago

A future that denies gamers with mobility impairments the chance to experience this "rich ground for invention."

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Lazy_Gamer3337d ago ShowReplies(2)
Count3337d ago

Now that Peters has said it, it's official.

Kinect will not deliver.

LeonSKennedy4Life3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

James Cameron's Avatar is much better though.

Edit: You guys hate anything that more than one person likes, don't you?

LeonSKennedy4Life3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )


Kinect is the result of good intentions and poor execution.

It's like The Green Mile.

Microsoft wants this thing to absolutely own!

They're all ready. People are anticipating it. It's sitting there waiting for them to pull the lever.

They just never wet the sponge...

...and Michael Clarke Duncan's head will explode, spilling blood and brain matter across the floor...this November.

Edit: I meant...


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