Worldwide Yearly Chart 2010

Worldwide Hardware:

DS - 11,025,152
Wii - 8,591,936
PS3 - 6,509,380
360 - 6,284,260
PSP - 4,208,698
PS2 - 1,598,526

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NegativeCreepWA3340d ago

Wow, Reach at #6 in a week. Pretty close numbers for 360 and PS3 both still fighting strong. And both are only 2 million under the wii much better then last year.

darkcharizard3340d ago

They still have a lot of catching up to do with the Wii!

First start outselling it yearly, then bridge the 35 million gap -- Never gonna happen.

MicroSony4Life3340d ago

I think its safe to say that MS or Sony will not catch the Wii in sales this gen - unless Move or Kinect can repeat the Wii success.

Nintendo had a diffrent plan than Sony and MS and the hardcore gamers laughed and the idea that the Wii was useing motion - but Nintendo should the world that soccers moms is where the money is.

Pennywise3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Interesting numbers. First thing that stands out is:

Nintendo software is OUT OF CONTROL with its totals. In its lifetime, it has sold double the software of the PS3... and surpassed the year start of the 360 big time. I know people love Mario, but I think the cheaper MSRP helped that a bunch. These devs selling for $60 a pop should take a look at that.

Hardware... PS3 still in the lead for 2010. 360 catching up at the rate of sales it has been seeing. PS3 is due for another price drop when GT5 hits.

Software - PS3 only has .5 million(SORRY T9X69) less software sales than the 360 in 2010. Where are those 6million consoles this site is claiming the 360 has the lead with? Are they buying games? Are they dead? Very confusing.

I know a console sold is a console sold, but if said console dies out of warranty or replaced by a slim... no one is buying copies of games for that console anymore, so the lead is kind of moot. Devs don't care about consoles sold... they care about Software being sold. From these numbers, the PS3 sells more games per console.

T9X693340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Are you forgetting the PS3 sold 6 million as well? Why is it behind 1.5 million? Are those PS3 users not buying games? Are they dead? Your logic can go both ways. You're also forgetting people buy tons of used games from Gamestop, GameCrazy, Ebay, Craigslist, so those games don't factor into the software sales. You're also forgetting 360 is easy to pirate compared to the PS3. Some people might have bought an extra 360 to play burnt single player games so they don't have to drop $60 on every game they want. There's a lot of different things to factor in when it comes to software sales for both PS3 and 360, compared to Hardware sales.

EDIT: BTW the 360 is only ahead this year by 500,000, not 1.5 million. Both 360 and PS3 sold 6 million, and both systems have 64 million in software sales. Interesting how that works.

EDIT2: lol I'm not getting bent out of shape at all, I'm just saying your logic can go both ways. You're acting as if those 6 million PS3's sold don't exist and the 64 million software sales came from current PS3 owners and none from the 6 million sold. Bottom line is, both PS3 and 360 are almost dead even and show great numbers, and with tons of great games coming out for both systems here in the next few months, I'll be one busy gamer.

JustSomeLogic3340d ago

For every xbox 360 there are 8 games sold.
For every ps3 there are 7 games sold.
Simple maths people, it saves lives and moots pennywise's point.
To those that don't understand numbers, let me put it this way, the average xbox gamer still buys more games than the average ps3 gamer. And it has nothing to do with a head start, maths does not lie

Pennywise3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Yeah, you are right. .5 million less. Even worse than I initially thought.

Don't get bent out of shape with me over my observations.

JUSTSOMELOGIC _ I was talking about game sales THIS year.

Nitrowolf23340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Penny i don't see a price cut happening this year
$300 is a set price for a while, maybe on other SKU that they might want to get rid of so that they can make room for new SKU with bigger HDD or something but other then that i don't see it happening, even around GT5 release. I mean wouldn't think Sony would reveal hat at TGS or e3? There might be a price cut but like i said it will be for older models

also btw wasn't it confirm PS3 has a higher attach rate for software? that was 09 so they could still be pretty close

thor3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

You are discounting a very important factor.

The average length of time someone has owned a 360 is LONGER than the average length of time someone has owned a PS3, simply because it has been out longer.

The number of games someone buys is going to go up as they own the console for longer.

So you shouldn't look at attachment rates, you should look at attachment rates PER unit of time, so let's say games per console per month. Now to calculate this is a bit more complicated than simply dividing because the number of total consoles has been changing - but if you plot it out on a per-month basis as

games sold that month divided by
total console sales up to that month

Then you get an _estimate_ for games sold per console per month on a monthly basis. Plot this out for PS3 and 360 and you will find that the PS3 is higher.

JustSomeLogic3340d ago

This of course doesn't make for a good analysis since the people that already had consoles still buy games. However for your example sake, ps3 still does not look great if it has sold more but less software. Thats why I prefer the overall ratio which gives a more holistic picture...8.78 games for every xbox is better than 7.09 for every ps3.
On a final note, devs care about sales and thats it.
And you're wrong, ps3 does not sell more games per console, xbox does. Besides, games per consoles does not bother the devs, think of it this way, would you rather sell 100 games to 500 people or 10 games to 10 people? I'll give you a hint, most devs would rather sell more. Fortunately, xbox 360 gives you both, higher sales and higher ratio.
@thor, wow, you really need to do alot to try and get the ps3 numbers to look better don't you? Stop cooking up numbers and look at whats there. 8.79>7.09 any day of the month. Its as simple as that.

Pennywise3340d ago

Just some logic needs to take a look at his name and apply it to himself.

PS3 this year has sold 1/2mill less games THIS year. The chart is showing the 360 ahead by 6million consoles on its lifetime. How does someone that tries to act smart with a name like yours, not comprehend that does not make the 360 software sales better.

Again, ignore me all you want... I am talking about THIS YEAR - 2010 software sales.

KingME3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

So VGCHARTZ is okay this week? Just wondering, because had they show the PS3 getting man handled, I'm almost sure that your defense would be that this is VGCHARTZ; am I correct in stating that?

I wish you crybabies would make up your minds whether or not vgchartz numbers are acceptable on N4G.

Also "PS3 this year has sold 1/2mill less games THIS year."
well being that the 360 was ahead by 5.5 last year, being ahead by 6mil now makes perfect sense.

thor3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

"This of course doesn't make for a good analysis since the people that already had consoles still buy games."

I addressed this issue. Note that I said

games sold that month divided by
TOTAL console sales up to that month

Because we want to know the % of console owners who bought a game in a given month.

This is NOT skewing the numbers deliberately in the PS3's favour - it's "Just Some Logic". It's a reasonable measure compared to overall attachment ratio because attachment ratio is naturally biased in favour of the console that came out first.

Edit @ KingME

VGChartz numbers are estimates, nothing more. They can be very wrong, they can be quite accurate. But when VGChartz says one thing, and MS and Sony say another, I'm not going to trust VGChartz and that's how it is sometimes.

Pennywise3340d ago

KingME, it is barely after noon and you are already drunk?

I am going by these numbers provided. I don't know if they are correct and I still think VGchartz under tracks the PS3.

VGChartz is a piece of S***, IMO... but this is what we have. They still were tracking the PS3 at 2million less than Sony's numbers. But lets ignore that... Lets ignore it all like you guys love to do. Lets just pretend and say that these numbers are right... everything I said goes directly along with that assumption.

Where in the hell do you see the 360 is 1/2 a mil ahead of the PS3?

PS3 6,509,380 (-48%)
X360 6,284,260 (-39%)

^ That above is listed for the year. Let me help you since you have trouble comprehending numbers and making things up...The PS3 is 225,120 units ahead for the year. Thats right, the xbox 360 you worship is behind in yearly sales ONCE AGAIN. 3 years in a row the PS3 has outsold the 360 worldwide, but VGChartz has the lead growing. You do the math. You figure that out. I love how you jump in and start calling people names, only to back up your childish rant with false info... Nice try.

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Christopher3340d ago

So many of those games on that list, IMHO, deserve much better sales overall. It's too bad that we live in an age where the majority of sales go to one type of gameplay rather than people stepping out and exploring other games that they would more than likely enjoy to play as well.

N4g_null3340d ago

Welcome to graphic whore over priced no fun hope the online is good world. On the devs side we have I want to make movies rather than games and give me some money also we need the moneys.

22 million wii fit, Mario kart, Mario 5. Only god of war is up there. What is going on with the ps3 fanbase? You all claim the exclusives are the reason to buy one yet no one seem to buy a ps3 for exclusives. Do you guys just watch movies or are ps3 gamers just too picky? Do these exclusives suck, what is it?

The reason I ask is Sony would really want to know and so would devs. These guys are taking out loans just to stay in buisness.

If you gamers don't speak up then only ea and activison will be left.

avengers19783340d ago

DS almost 12 mil that is impressive. PsP sells better then I thought given all the negative media I hear about it. PS2 still selling very well for an 11 year old console.
360 and PS3 are selling very well but they need a big holiday season.
I can't believe that many Wii's sold, It's total crap.

Seferoth753340d ago Show
bustamove3340d ago Show
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mcstorm3340d ago

Wow MS have pulled the numbers back form the beginning for the year so the way it is going they could finish above the PS3 again this year.

Good to see the Big N doing well again let’s hope all 3 home consoles keep up the sales and keep the big games and new hard ware coming.

Xmas sales should be interesting with both Kinect and Move trying to nick sales from the Big N.

MrMccormo3340d ago

" they could finish above the PS3 again this year."

"Again"? You act as if Microsoft has ever sold more in a year than the PS3 in the first place. It hasn't happened iirc.

Armyntt3340d ago

Who cares?!! The 2 are almost selling exactly the same. The 2 consoles are so close who cares? Each has its own identidy but the both play the same multis and each one has its own share of console exclusives that play to their brand and taste.

mcstorm3340d ago

The 360 has out sold the PS3 each year worldwide since release it has only been since Sony release the ps slim last year it started outselling the 360 but the 360s is pulling them numbers back again.

Also I was not having a did at the ps3 I like the machine I was just making a point of how well MS has pulled the gap back in total sales since the PS3 was outselling it the first part of this year.

I really could not care who finishes 1st 2nd or 3rd at the end of the day I am a gamer buy consoles for games not because it is selling well or because Joe public think its the best game ever.

Achemki3340d ago

Head to head, but not year on year.

Lombax3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

"The 360 has out sold the PS3 each year worldwide since release"



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bustamove3340d ago

Delusions are a bad thing my friend.

JustSomeLogic3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Reach has outsold every single game on one platform released this year in one week!
You read right, Reach is not only the best selling exclusive released this year, it is also the highest selling game on a single platform released for the year...all in one week

DigitalAnalog3340d ago

And don't give Black Ops that privilege.

-End statement

T9X693340d ago

Damn Reach is killing it. Every time I look on there is always like 9 million games played in the past 24 hours, and that is just fucking insane. Now if only they would update the damn ranks I could get Emile's helmet for my Spartan :)

Elvfam5113340d ago

11 million ds thats crazy numbers

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