CoD: Black Ops Zombies - First look

CVG: Black Ops viral website, GKNOVA 6 has been updated to show tonnes of footage of ravaging CoD zombies - including scientist zombies, office worker zombies and 28 Days Later-style fast zombies. We can't wait.

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TrevorPhillips2945d ago

I am so excited about this! :D

T9X692945d ago

This is pretty much the main reason I want Black Ops. Not because they are Zombies, I could care less if they was Umpa Lump's, I just love games that support any type of co-op, and Zombies can bring hours of great co-op fun.

RememberThe3572944d ago

My homeboy is going to get so pissed at me when we play this. He loves Zomies and getting heated when when I f*ck it up for him. He's always telling me to calm down when I get all pissed off about dumb shit, then he goes and losses it over Nazi Zombies. All I do is sit and laugh at the hypocrisy.

theonlylolking2945d ago

If zombies are in black ops other than the [email protected] maps then I am getting this 4 sure.

2945d ago
Urmomlol2945d ago

Looks like they're compensating for Black Op's automatic weapons with faster zombies. Sounds good.

chilled2m2945d ago

A majority of WaW weapons were automatic. The Browning, MG42, MP-40 ect were all automatic. In reality, very few were semi or bolt action. Regardless, I agree with faster zombies. Sounds good!

OdinX2945d ago

Not to mention WW2 weapons were often of bigger caliber than weapons today. The only thing about weapons today is that they're more reliable in most cases with less frequent jamming, higher rate of fire, and better accuracy. All-in-all though, WW2 weaponry demanded weapons of great fire power and reliability.

2945d ago
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