GC: PlayTV unveiled for PS3

Sony has taken the wraps off a new television tuner and personal video recorder for PS3 in its Games Convention 2007 press conference.

Dubbed PlayTV, it will let you watch and record your favourite shows on your console completely independently of each other - so you can view something while saving something else. If you like.

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bung tickler4166d ago

Sounds alot like M$'s IPTV for the 360 and Zune... It does have a 'hip' name though i'll give them that.

Greysturm4166d ago

Sorry i havent heard of the integration with the zune could you elaborate please? Is the zune gonna acess the samne servers or is it gonna be able to acess your downloaded library on your 360 or something like that?

marinelife94166d ago

Sony is trying really hard to make me want to get a PSP. Live TV streaming with no monthly fee for it does sound kind of good.

QuackPot4166d ago

All that's missing is an AppleBox 360. Who copied who?

SmokeyMcBear4166d ago

ok im a little bit confused.. isnt a tv tuner something that takes your cable from the wall and decodes it to put onto a tv? Isnt IPTV something that is streaming over the internet?

The KEN KUTARAGI4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

From the way it has an external accessory, it would make you think it's a box that accepts a different input than what the PS3 is already equipped with (USB + Ethernet) which would hint at it NOT being IPTV.
It accepts the digital format used by many digital cable companies, so it sounds as if it could work in conjunction with any service that broadcasts digitally.

Maybe even Directv??

timmyp534166d ago

the psp sure does come in handy with this.

ALI-G4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

while i am playing ??

if yes than [email protected] YEAH

@BLOW: u can watch 1 and recored another becuse it has Dual-tuner.but it is add-on for ps3 cannot work in it own,which mean it will be taking it power from the cell+ps3.

Greysturm4166d ago

It could record while you are watching another program so i dont see the why it wouldnt offer it still while you are playing since its an add on and only uses the hard drive space to download the media but who knows guess will have to wait for a better explanation.

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The story is too old to be commented.