Critical Gamer: TGS 2010: Okamiden Hands-on Impressions

Critical Gamer writes: The spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed Okami, Okamiden looks to capture the charm and appeal of its predecessor and transfer it to the DS. Going by the Tokyo Game Show English demo, Capcom appear to be well on their way to doing just that.

Taking place after the events of the first game, the demo opens in a flooded forest with the player taking control of a young boy named Kuni and Chibiterasu, a celestial wolf cub born of the sun goddess Amaterasu. If merchandise is anything to go by, this adorable pup has already hit it off with the Japanese public with his likeness plastered on everything from mugs to keychains, and even his own pair of slippers. Exploration, puzzles and combat ensue as the pair take in their distinctive surroundings, moving from the roof of a partially submerged temple to a darkened cave whilst fighting off demons, interacting with NPCs, undertaking mini quests and bringing balance back to nature.

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Jim Crikey3334d ago

Looks like this might deserve the success that always eluded Okami.

scruffy_bear3334d ago

Okami was awesome a remake on the PS3 would make my year

3334d ago
Cubes3334d ago

I'd love this to be a big success, the original deserved to be a big hit.

3334d ago