LittleBigPlanet 2 beta community levels: Creators talk to CG

Critical Gamer writes: Following on from yesterday’s article we bring you more of our interview with the creator of Vietnam FPS, PPp_Killer. In today’s article however, we are lucky enough to be able to welcome a second LittleBigPlanet community creator to the discussion. You’ll also be hearing from dadrester, creator of Little Big Retro Arcade. First of all, however; PPp_Killer reveals how he was able to create an FPS in LBP 1 without the benefit of LBP 2 tools.

“The thing about the LBP 1 version was that it was not powered by the controlinator and movers. It was powered by rockets, and what I like to call a jetpack powered movement ball that your sackboy was in. Whenever you moved it would trigger rockets; but the movement was just too slow, and the frame would tend to go off on an angle. Those were my problems in LBP 1 and no matter what I tried I could not fix them. On top of that the gun was prone to jamming, and you could even accidentally flip the frame onto its side.”

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Jim Crikey2944d ago

Interesting to hear from the top LBP creators.

scruffy_bear2944d ago

LBP 2 sounds awesome come on sony release more beta codes

Cubes2944d ago

Too true Scruffy, we need a taste of what's shaping up to be an essential purchase.

GiantJedi2944d ago

Is this game still coming out in Nov. or was it delayed?

-X-2944d ago

I want the game! LBP has so much replay value!! i find it really cool that regular people can make a level that it better than the original story of the game!

oh and when I read the title of the article I thought that LBP2 now has a new feature that lets you make rendered cutscenes!! That would be awesome!!

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