Flesh for fantasy

It's the fastest-growing entertainment form, but gaming is still immature when it comes to sex. Why the titillation, asks Jason Hill?

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specialguest5042d ago

i think straight up sex for no reason in video games is unnecessary. i don't want my game to turn into a virtual porn simulator. if i wanted to get titillated, i'll just go to a porn site or play one of my vast collection of porn videos from my hard drive.

5042d ago
BIadestarX5042d ago

Who wants to see Barbie like polygons humping each other? Wait... this would sale a lot of 360s in Japan.

Sphinx5042d ago

...those Japs are weird!

Marriot VP5042d ago

Stuff like this really doesn't happen. Games like these have been tried in the past and failed miserably because no mature grown man wants to watch obviously fake stuff like this.

T-Rac5042d ago

he speaks the truth :D

dikturbo5042d ago (Edited 5042d ago )

Although I read that many of the 'gamers' here have been playing consoles and games for years I doubt that many are my age, 40.

I can relate to the aging demographic and the lack of mature (not read sexually) games. Story lines and direction are weak, obvious by an industry that is being led by young males.

The comparison that it is perfectly acceptable for young people to stay up late and watch The Sopranos (filled with obvious inferences of sex, blatant murder and social violence) but we slap an M on games and let them buy it anyway. The de-sensitivity of todays society and youth is disturbing.

Games today are like current news programming. Short bursts of gratification, sugar coated with no real substance. Whatever publisher, developer or provider integrates the adult (30+) gaming world will be sitting on a goldmine. Believe me kids it's not fun playing with kids all the time. You'll figure that out when you have kids of your own.

Very well written article and hits the nail on the head regarding the aging game playing demographic.

5042d ago
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