Why I'm Worried About Gran Turismo 5 (And Why You Should Be Too)

Play magazine's resident Gran Turismo expert and fanboy is worried that Gran Turismo 5 might be missing the point...

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movements3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

It's Polyphony Digital and Kazunori Yamauchi, therefore I'll never be worried about GT5.

Montoya3340d ago

The only thing I`m worried about is how much I`m gonna be playing it.

drewboy7043340d ago

Just don't forget to blink (spongebob reference)

ryuzu3340d ago

From the article

"The screens look great but quite honestly I don’t care. I just want a fun and compelling RACING game that gets me obsessed with traffic jams again. Please Polyphony, please… show me my fears are unfounded."

But if you read the rest, he effectively says he doesn't like the focus on the driving aspects of GT4 and now 5 where the tuning aspects are being diminished.

He complains that things that add penalties for poor driving ruined his fun - so really he didn't want a racing game at all, just car pokemon with easy battles.


MrMccormo3340d ago


On a side note, haven't we heard this "too much variety" comment before? I'm beginning to wonder if this is why many devs add in all the variety through paid DLC...

sikbeta3340d ago


lol me too, I'll be playing this game for years....

Gran Turismo 5: The Definitive Driving Simulator

Narutone663340d ago

the author should be playing Burnout rather than GT5. It's called a driving simulator after all and not an arcade racer.

UltraNova3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

In my life I came to realize that whenever I hear something that initially seems crazy, I would say to my self 'nope there will be more'.

Well this 'too much variety thing' is one of them...

It just shows you that the world aint right my friend... (the funny thing is that you hear nobody complaining about Halo:reach and its too much variety, not that I find it a bad thing...)

boodybandit3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

I am a racing fanatic and I just told a friend yesterday I am going to do my best not to let GT5 consume me. I want to play other games online with him and the rest of my friends. He told me not to kid myself. None of my friends expect to see me playing any other game for several months.

I am constantly tweaking my racing setup and getting it ready for GT5's release date. It's the first game ever that I would be willing to go out and pick up it at midnight. I just hope no store in my area does a midnight launch. That way I roll out of bed, pick it up, and spend the rest of the day on my racing gear turning laps.

nix3340d ago

i'm worried that i might not sleep at all...

frameflip3340d ago

Its hard for me to worry when we're talkin about Polyphony Digital. These guys strive for perfection every time (and come fairly close I might add). Even Omega Boost on PS1 was a blast.

raztad3340d ago

I actually dont think that guy is a gran turismo fanboy. Otherwise he wouldnt complaining about realism.

My advice is: get NFS:HP2 and be happy.

morkendo233340d ago

Play magazine's resident Gran Turismo expert and fanboy
I actually dont think that guy is a gran turismo fanboy. Otherwise he wouldnt complaining about realism.

My advice is: get NFS:HP2 and be happy.


AuToFiRE3340d ago

Im worried about breaking the bank, ive already spent $500 for this game, and i dont even have a working ps3 at the moment either

jeseth3339d ago

I can't wait. I'm getting anxious about it. Haven't been this excited for a game since MGS4. There have been a TON of Awesome games that I have lined up at midnight or day 1 for but GT5 is going to be a Megaton of gaming awesomeness!

IcarusOne3339d ago

Sounds to me that he's clearly a GT fan, expressing some legit concerns about how the series has developed, and you guys are just eating him alive.

If it hadn't been for GT4 and it's ridiculous collision penalties, I would never have discovered Forza. Yes, there was a time when GT was too pretentious for itself, and I think any fan of the series can admit it's had its ups and downs. Licenses and driving tests - ugh. Just because it says simulator doesn't mean it has to sap the fun out of the actual racing.

I'm not saying it will or does, but some of the games of the past flirted with that concept. GT5Prologue is amazing and well worth the 20 bucks. And I'm very excited about GT5.

Be fans, not fanboys. Fanboys never see anything wrong with their chosen brand. Being a true fan is like being a true patriot - you love your country but you don't excuse its faults. You hold it to a higher standard instead of blindly defending whatever it does.

ryuzu3339d ago

So you'd prefer no driving tests (in fact I don't think GT5 has them as such anymore but nvm), reduce the penalties for poor driving and make the game seem more "fun" in your (arcade game inspired) opinion.

Great, then GT5 will be just like every other car game on consoles and no longer GT5.

Hows about, if you prefer something more arcade and fun and whatever, you just go select from one of the many many games that are exactly that and leave GT5 alone?



IcarusOne3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

So just because I don't like the archaic bullshit that GT used to be about, I'm not allowed to enjoy the actual DRIVING? The physics, sound and graphics are second to none and I never said otherwise but suddenly you don't want me anywhere near your precious driving sim because I criticized an aspect that amounts to 2% of the overall experience. Seriously, you need to relax. Why are fanboys so afraid of a rational discussion? Oh right. Because they're not rational. They're emotional 14 year old girls stuck in a cycle of perpetual menstruation.


number473339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Vehicle control & Driving. Its not about knocking down all the cones and getting a bonus trophy. Its a driving simulator. I'm willing to be that you & the author don't really enjoy driving games. Driving in itself is a dead to hell boring act, Theres no striation from the path of what it is. Throttle, Brake, Traction, Horsepower. Thats it. Do I stop playing GTR&GTR2 because it doesn't have an amazing 'single player campaign'? Hell no. I play it because if you input correctly, the vehicle behaves beautifully, and creates an amazing replay/memory for you to have.

All the detractors of the GT franchise seem to have some dumbass idea that driving is supposed to be always exciting, and always fun. Well in all GT's, I've had moments of thrown controllers and consoles. Its frustrating to not beat that tenth of a second that you swear you had nailed down. Watching a ghost INCH by you is one of the worst feelings in the world. But all of that means absolute dick when you finally beat a time, or an opponent. Its a great feeling that you have, unlike non-sims, because it really was just based on your skillset and consistency to perform.. You have to be perfect and concentrated on each turn, or else you lost. Does this sound fun to the Need for speed & Forza generation? Nope, of course not. These are the same A.D.D Halo centric stat whores that have no time to concentrate on anything besides their next fit of redbullstacia..

GT's perfection is held to such high standards because its what we expect from PD. However, GT's perfection shouldn't be mistaken for ultimate perfection. You are hard pressed to find a simulation fan, that sees everything GT has to offer, and complains about License tests, or the single player. If you find that fan, they are surely in the minority of car enthusiasts that also participate in car sims. Its completely unrealistic to demand that GT has more of a single player than any other game known to man. Driving games are all the same, you race against A.I, and race online. Its really narrow, and thats all there is to it.

I am hyped for GT, just like any real enthusiast, because GT offers something no sim offers in the world. Photo Reality & a good sim to where if you input real world rules of driving, you will benefit. I shaved down lap times on several tracks with the aid of ride-along videos on youtube. You can see on the track & listen to the direction of the instructor, then apply that to the game and succeed. What the heck else is there for it to do?

I don't want to convince you, or anyone else to buy GT. You will more than likely be the guys that all pile up on the first turn, and rage quit. Forza was a welcome breath of fresh air to the GT franchise, but 3 releases later, its stagnated more than the GT series ever has, and has stayed technically limited.

Some poor bloke crying about being worried about GT is just that. Some poor bloke.

GT will always be a day 1 purchase for the car enthusiast.

Finalfantasykid3339d ago

@ryuzu: I totally agree. It seems as though the more realistic the physics got, the worse he enjoyed the game. I think he just enjoyed being able to do unrealistic things with the earlier physics which were on the PS1. Now that things are much more real this time around, things like being able to use the side rail to steer your car while going 300 km/h instead of breaking is no longer possible.

I prefer realistic driving, and true skill.

Dee_913339d ago

is he talking about a video game ora chick
never compare vvideo games to chicks becuase that kinda weird if you think about video games in that way or vice versa

IcarusOne3339d ago

For me, the fun comes from driving the perfect race, sticking to the line, hitting a perfect turn, passing on a narrow S-curve or hairpin. It does NOT come from a useless driver's test, which I'm happy that GT seems to have done away with.

I've been a driving game fanatic as long as I've been a gamer, and the sims go straight to my heart. Forza and GT are the only console racing games worth real money anymore. But this thread is very sad to me. It should be sparking debate and conversation about the GT franchise and what else it could be doing right. I agree, it's the best there is. But that doesn't make it flawless.

number473339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

People retort its tagline of "the real driving simulator" with "buh it should be perfecters!!" No one claims that. But the things it could do better (physics, flag system, and penalties) Seem to be heavily improved, and the improvement will keep coming. GT4's misstep was online & damage, the series really should have kick started then, but seeing as how PD didn't want to do basic forza damage, they spent the time to do PC-centric Polygonal deformation. And of course its not appreciated by the detractors because "buh it should be perfecters!"

If you take the king of driving sims, which would be a PC sim. GT's features have it dwarfed, as well as providing a simulation.

The article is definitely written by a cry-baby, and saying that people should be WORRIED about this franchise. Its absurd that you deny this fact, and claim that people should be speaking more constructively? When better physics are the goal of all sims...? I bet this guy wouldn't last a lap in a PC sim.

What are you looking for more than what GT as driving simulation, that it doesn't already do? Again, driving sims are basic games. Yet theres something that you will never be able to verbalize as something casting a shadow on the franchise. Rfactor/LiveForSpeed/GPL/GTR all have nothing on what GT offers on top of what those titles offer already, as a driving simulator. Sure there are specific PC related things like 20+racers/servers etc.. but you aren't saying anything, and even if you do, considering my knowledge of simulations, will come off as petty in the grand scheme of a driving simulation. It can enjoy luxury features, but these don't affect the simulation to any great extent.

PD's game is going to have a certain heritage in it. Just as other games do, but what the heck is the severe problem with the GT franchise, that other sims get away with doing. These same sims are claimed to best GT, yet no one can verbalize it.

xer03339d ago

Sorry... just had to quote this, as it made me laugh!

"He complains that things that add penalties for poor driving ruined his fun - so really he didn't want a racing game at all, just car pokemon with easy battles."

I totally agree.. BTW.

Denethor_II3339d ago

"Sounds to me that he's clearly a GT fan, expressing some legit concerns about how the series has developed, and you guys are just eating him alive."

Hardly. The person in question has posted his opinions across the World Wide Web. His concerns were weak and petty, and hardly constituted for a written article at all. He also says he 'never really played GT4' which has me doubting if he's really a fan at all; probably should stick to arcade racers.

ExplosionSauce3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I'm not. There's some poor reasoning behind his "concerns".
I am very positive career progression will be as great as always and can't wait to try all the new additions and improvements! :D

IRetrouk3339d ago

where does it say the tuning in five has been diminished? in no iterview is this stated and on top of that we have all seen pics of the tuning screens, not trying to flame you just wana know where you got that little nugget of info from mate.

Dee_913339d ago

long story short he doesent like a challenge.

SO yea if u want an eassy game were u can get all the cars in a week and finish all the races in a few days and like riding on the wallss and turning corners without breaking YOU should be very worried
but dont fear blur is here and splitsecond .. nfs coming soon

Ilikegames763339d ago

really a driving/racing simulator. There's a reason why a lot of professional race car driver supports it. Some GT gamers are even professional race car drivers now.

bakasora3339d ago

I hope there is a casual mode.

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Sarcasm3340d ago

Well said movements, well said.

RedDragan3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

If the guy wants to get hyped up... he only has to watch this crazily epic trailer in the loudest possible volume setting XD

I have not been so hyped up for a game since Killzone 2 and Motorstorm, neither disappointed me, but GT5 I think will just me more anticipating it even more as the date gets nearer!!!

INehalemEXI3340d ago

if PD passed it to Ninja Theory for a reboot , then I would be worried.

LukaX233340d ago

nowgamer should become nogamers.

What an idiotic thing to say. No, I didn't read the "article", because there is simply no point. It's GRAN TURISMO.

tinybigman3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Why I'm not worried about your opinion, and why others shouldn't be either.

Yamauchi-san has never disappointed me with this series so I'm not worried in the slightest.

I hahahahaha at the disagreer must be a hater of the highest order.

moparful993340d ago

I, unlike the author, was introduced to the series with 2. Back then I was rather young cars werent on my radar yet. So my passion for the gran turismo series gained fruition whenever I played the sublime gt3 a-spec.. That game was fantastic and lit a fire inside of me that still burns today.. I love cars and how unique and different they all are.. I spent sooo many hours in gt3 racing all those extra events to save up for the love of my life.. Team orca dodge viper.. *drools* I still remember the day I bought that car and just how epic it felt.. Then I raced it and I knew right then and there I was a dodge viper fanatic. Such fond memories, but alas along came gt4 and that game was stunning.. Thats all I can say, graphically it eclipsed anything I had ever seen.. It played very solidly and I actually found myself digging the b-spec mode.. I had a 69 camaro ss and it was pretty.. Let my driver go to town on the 24 hour circuit at the nurburgring.. I left the system run for an entire day and by the end of the race I was 160 laps up on my nearest competitor! Epic lol.. I want gt5 sooo badly.. Come november I fear that my priorities will be neglected lol.. My name is kurt and I'm addicted to gran turismo...

bustamove3340d ago

I fear for my sanity when I get my hands on it. I'll probably be screaming at the graphics because they will look so freaking amazing. o_o

DigitalAnalog3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

It's a "realistic driving simulator". It's not a game to get perks and XP every time you play the bloody game. What does he want, the "Michael Schumacher perk?"

-End statement

SoapShoes3339d ago

This article is ridiculous... If he loved it back then, he'll definitely like it now.

FrankenLife3339d ago

Am I the only one who immediately blocks out articles that tell me what I should be thinking? I am not too good at doing what others tell me to, and I only get more indignant when it comes to telling me what to think.

The_Beast3339d ago

after putting tens of hours into it. for some reason somthing might happen to my ps3 and i lose all of it

3339d ago
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Feckles3340d ago

There's so much variety in Gran Turismo 5, could Polyphony be losing focus with the game?

I can see the argument: I want to drive my car on my TV. That's it. Just like Yamauchi's original concept for Gran Turismo.

Malice-Flare3340d ago

he's complaining about RACING in a game that is more than just the racing, but the driving lifestyle...

imo, he's the one who missed the point...

ELite_Ghost3340d ago

well simulators is more what you`re describing, and that`s what GT5 is classed at.

Biggest3339d ago

The argument you see is silly, Feckles. If you want to drive your car on your TV there are plenty of options to do just that. Gran Turismo isn't your game. You don't get to decide what it does or doesn't do. If it's more than you want, downgrade to a more appropriate game.

madjedi3339d ago

@feckles So what you would prefer, old pole position from the atari all you did was drive your car on the screen, be thankful they have evolved beyond that very simple game.

Since you submitted the article and the author neglected to reveal his name, i am guessing you wrote the article. The article is stupid as hell, he calls himself a gt fanboy, yet he complains about common knowledge gt mechanics, think mcfly think.

Yeah like others above me have said apparently to much variety or deep a game is a bad thing on ps3 exclusives, i wish sony would release a demo to shut the spin masters up.

If pd was making yearly madden or call of duty releases, there might be something to be worried about, it's not so the 360 crowd can lay off the spin attempts thx.

Chaostar3340d ago

The only thing I'm worried about is getting diabetes in my eyeballs.

PirateThom3340d ago

If you burned out on Gran Turismo, I hardly think another Gran Turismo game is going to change your mind on the series.

It is still, at its core, Gran Turismo, but it has added a lot of features. I've read the article twice now and I'm still not sure what his complaint is... he liked Gran Turismo, but not Gran Turismo 3? He felt Gran Turismo was more polished than GT2? Did we even play the same versions?

Sarcasm3340d ago

Gran Turismo 5, just another reason to own a PS3.

I'm not even going to think about GT6. If it's coming out on PS4, I'm buying a PS4.

tinybigman3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

I go where this series goes. Its my favorite racer of all time so it looks like ill be buying PS systems for as long as KY keeps making them.

Got a ninja disagreer going around hahaha.

skyward3340d ago

As long as the core racing experience is still exciting/fun all the other new features should slot into place nicely