Gran Turismo 5: New Gameplay Footage From PlayStation Hub (Damage Model, Cockpit View, More)

New Gran Turismo 5 videos (recorded at PlayStation Hub in Dublin, Ireland) are showing some new gameplay footage of the upcoming PS3 exlcusive - damage model, cockpit views, crashs and more.

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2970d ago
mcstorm2970d ago

The damage looks good like the way it bounces up and down at the back of the car but I want to see some racing footage against the AI this is the only thing stopping me getting GT5 as the AI on all the GT games keeps all the cars close and they all stick to the racing line all race.


because your supposed to be racing professional drivers.

theonlylolking2970d ago

They are like the perfect human drivers that dont exist. At least(dare I say it) forza has ai that is not perfect it is actaully better than granturismo. This one time in the new york(that has the many turns) I had the difficulty on hard and the car in front of me decided that he did not want to stop so the ai just kept straight and hit the wall at about 150mph(241kph). Now that is dumb ai but at least the ai was not perfect.

In Granturismo the only time I have seen them crash is when I crash into them.

stardusk2970d ago

FFW to 1:37

What's your excuse now? LMAO at Forza AI driving 150MPH into a wall. The jokes on you.

theonlylolking2969d ago

Excuse means to lessen the wrong that a person did.

I did not do anything wrong so it cant be a excuse. From that vid it looks like they fixed the ai.

stardusk2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Excuse can be a hypernym. In this case, your excuse was to argue or speak in defense of ... Forza. TaaDaa :)

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