Resolution: Recettear - An Item Shop's Tale review

Resolution's Jen Allen writes: Besides writing words such as these, I (unfortunately) work part time in retail. It’s sometimes fine, sometimes soul destroyingly dull and almost always a hard slog. It pays the bills and funds my gaming habit though which is the main thing. So we come to my ’spare’ time and I’m playing Recettear a game about running a shop in a JRPG world. On the surface it’s a little too close to reality for my liking. Of course it’s much deeper than that, and in real life I don’t have to dungeon crawl in order to find suitable wares to sell in my store. Instead I label lots of items and quietly long for the day when I can say goodbye to the many, many stickers I deal with.

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Redempteur2967d ago

fun adn addictive game ( played the japanese version from comiket years ago )

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