Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Gamesradar Review

The world of LoS is unrestrained beauty: the architecture of alien spires, twisting tree roots, bubbling swamps, and opulent dining halls all evoke pure epicness. In fact, the game as a whole escalates to the point where it becomes ridiculously epic. The boss fights achieve multi-stage transformations long before the final battle. The scale of the titans – copied from Shadow of the Colossus and then polished with a detailed sheen – become increasingly huge until at times Gabriel is like an ant on a tree trunk. The settings of each level become ever more awe-inspiring. Everything in LoS screams bigger, more intricate, more layered. It’s almost exhausting.

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xYLeinen3334d ago

As expected :p Can't simply hold my excitement for this title.

A Cupcake for Gabe3334d ago

How is the exploration pace of this one? Like Metroid/Arkham? Or is it linear with hidden areas like GOW?

The open castlevanias like Dawn of Sorrow DS was my favorite.

Game-ur3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

I think you just thought of something great, a 3D Metroied game like Batman AA.

gillri3334d ago

as expected its already common knowledge this is an 90 score game
day one buy for me

Game-ur3334d ago

It looks like it will average 9+ on Meta

FacelessGod3334d ago

The full size poster I made, if anyone wants it.

The_Quiet_Man3334d ago

Thanks for the poster man, looks amazing. It must of taken some amount of time to create (bubble +).

This game is a definite 1st day buy for me, I'm going to preorder it today. I'm also hoping the demo is available today on PSN just to get a feel for the combat, so I can own when the game released, lol.

milf_sex3334d ago

Cool ! I'm hungry for more God of War like action....But not sure if this is gonna be epic as 3 though....anyway, this is a better score than GR gave to Halo reach...also God of War III got a perfect score from them...sounds like they're my type of gamers ! (Dislike generic FPS, like slashers...)

gillri3334d ago

yeah nice comment, but Halo Reach isnt generic, hence why its gets the scores it does
cant wait for this now.........360 or PS3 version?

NinjaAssassin3334d ago

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. God of War 3 was good, but it definitely wouldn't get a 10 in my book. I am almost certain that I will enjoy Castlevania more. I like everything about it better, from the lead character, to the environments, to the variety of the gameplay, to the quality of the voice acting. I think Castlevania just looks better on nearly every level.

milf_sex3334d ago

That sir is your opinion....but everything about God of War III oozes quality...
And is this game out ? IIRC, it isn't out till October...have you played the game before you compared the environments, the variety of gameplay and the voice acting ?
That is just blatantly trolling God of War III.
GoW III is gonna be tough to beat this gen as the top slasher imo...

Games4M - Rob3334d ago

I am a huge GOW fan and i thought GOW 3 was pretty dissapointing. Sure it looked good and it played just as good as its predessors but it didnt come across as epic as everyone makes out. The titan fights were just slightly wobbly levels with the occasional QTE, and Kratos change of heart from beserker killing machine to instant love for Pandora was utter shite.

Its a good game but it could have been better and i think C:LOS might steal the crown.

NinjaAssassin3334d ago

Having an opinion different than yours does not mean that I am trolling GOW3. You were the one that brought it up anyway.

Like I said, I did like GOW3, I just think it was a little overrated by many reviewers. I played through everything GOW3 had to offer and it was pretty good, but there were quite a few things I think could have been done better. The narrative was kind of weak in my opinion and the game felt pretty short. I mostly used the same moves throughout the game and it didn't really ever force me to dramatically change up my play style.

The ending was also a bit cheezy to me (hope ;). Not to mention that I have never been a big fan of Kratos. The gameplay and setting are what have always drawn me to the God of War games, but I have never liked Kratos. He is selfish and so one-dimensional. I don't like that the game forces you to kill so many innocent people throughout your rage-fueled rampage.

Anwyay, I recognize it comes down to personal taste. I'm just saying that based on everything I have read and seen about Castlevania LoS I would bet money that I will enjoy it more.

hay3334d ago

@NinjaAssassin: True. I won't deny GoW3's production values and awesomeness, but I also think I will enjoy Lords of Shadow more. I always liked this series more than GoW.

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jneul3334d ago

castlevania is awesome!!

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