Black Ops Will Be More Story Oriented

Treyarch's Mark Lamia has confirmed that his upcoming First Person Shooter title, Call of Duty: Black Ops will follow the previous Call of Duty games' footsteps as it pits the players into the shoes of different playable characters throughout the campaign.

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Stuart57563336d ago

Zombies and a good campaign, seven or eight hours. There shouldn't be any problems in the story department, Vietnam is chock full of em!

plb3336d ago

Yes but will it have Vietnam music? ;0

theonlylolking3336d ago

So I expect 2 discs when the game comes out if you are so focused on co-op, story mode, and online multiplayer.

1 disc is story mode and co-op with split screen co-op(zombies and what not) and the other disc is split screen, bots, and online multiplayer.

note: I am not talking about the PC or PS3. I am merely talking about the wii and 360.

Stuart57563336d ago

More and more 360 games will be 2 discs, I don't mind, they just will.

theonlylolking3336d ago

I dont mind 2 discs but more than that I dont like.

SSKILLZ3336d ago

Hope the campaign lasts more than mw2 and has a better structured story line

Tikicobra3336d ago

That's fine as long as the story actually makes sense.

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