Gamesgoldglory: Hydrophobia Review

Kurt from Games, Gold, and Glory reviews the first game of the Xbox Live Arcade Game feast! Does the game fall apart or is it an entertaining romp through a half-destroyed space cruise ship? Find out!

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jay23215d ago

Oh that's a bummer, still picking this up when the exclusive deal for it to be on XBL expires in X years.

3215d ago
DigitalAnalog3215d ago

What could be a "sleeper" hit turned out to be shovelware. Oh well, I might get it out of curiosity.

-End statement

mastiffchild3211d ago

I wouldn't. I'd already played a lot of the game when I happened across the varying reviews for the game and the fact(IGN apart) that ANY and EVERY decent review it got were those from 360 mags and sites really worried me. One of them gave it 9/10! How? Why?

The game isn't broken(though some of the combat really, really drags and bores)but I'd be hard pressed to say even 6.5 is a fair score and would have put it at 4/10 tops myself. How anyone could see it as a 9/10 experience is beyond me and that practically every 360 mag gave it 80% or above appals me-they;'re just misleading their readers and it looks almost as bad as the old Driv3r farce back in the day. A bit sad and a bit dodgy.

Fact is a lot of the water physics and effects are pretty cool but they just aren't used well enough and the game barely hangs together as one piece because everything else, and I mean EVERYTHING is sub par from the story and acting to the sound and presentation. The game sucks-and the saddest thing(apart from 360 specific mags and sites ripping off us 360 owners by trying to make out the game works)is it really didn't need to as there's definitely a lot of potential in the ideas they had at the start. As it stands I really don't know if it's worth them releasing it on PS3 any time soon if they aren't going to fix it. the meta is going to keep going down and just who is going to buy this steaming pile(if it's not changed a great deal or, idk, free)after being made to wait for it?

I've got a couple of mates who have smarmed their way into reviewing games for their non gaming publications and I scurried over for a shot at this one as i really wanted it to be amazing and some previews had been pretty positive but it was shocking all told-though nowhere near as shocking as seeing one guy give it 9/10! IGN giving it 8/10 almost made me choke as well!

ZombieAutopsy3215d ago

When does this game release? Read the plot for it and it seems decent and I've always been a sucker for good water effects.

jetlian3215d ago

on 360 who knows on ps3. they never gave a date but it is coming

mastiffchild3211d ago

Dunno if it will now, or, rather, if it should. It's getting killed practically everywhere and with good reason. I don't see a market for a shoddy game on a platform where it will also be seen as sloppy seconds.

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