Fallout: New Vegas project director calls New Vegas "the Vice City of the Fallout franchise"

“I’d always wanted to work on a Fallout game ever since I got in the industry,” Obsidian Entertainment’s project director Josh Sawyer admits at the start of our interview. Having worked at BlackIsle during the development of the canceled Fallout ‘Van Buren’ project and having his own share of canceled projects in the past, Sawyer was rather ‘cautiously’ optimistic about starting on the standalone game Fallout: New Vegas. Now that the game is almost ready for final submission, Sawyer took the time at gamescom to talk with us about his work behind this newest addition to the Fallout franchise.

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MicroSony4Life2944d ago

Cant wait to steal cars and pick up some hookers : )

chasegarcia2944d ago

without the awesome music jk

jessycat2944d ago

It is cool they hired a modder to work on the game.