Why Microsoft’s Kinect Adverts Point To Its Failure

NowGamer looks at why the Kinect commercials point to disaster for Microsoft's motion control device...

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Stuart57563337d ago

I think the hardcore market all know that Kinect is a last desperate act by Microsoft, just like the slim console, who needs a new, slimmer 360 when there are hardly any 360 exclusives coming? It's all hardware and no games. I'm not interested in Kinect, but very interested to see how the market will react!

Genesis53337d ago

I don't care what side of the fence you're on. When you see those commercials you have to think. OMG! Are they serious.

Bigpappy3337d ago

This is the article for you. Pre-order numbers (vote with $) tell a completely different story. Good luck with that doom and gloom.

MicroSony4Life3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

my daughter loved it.

MS is trying to tap into the casual market and I think they are going the right way to steal some of the Wii crowld, which is not something easy to do.

Armyntt3337d ago

So Stuart what your saying then is that Sonys slim then was an attempt to play catch-up with M$? Since M$'s slim was a last "desperate" effort then Sonys slim must have been a "desperate" move to push sales. Kinect isnt for me but you fanboys invade every Kinect article to say teh Kinect is doomed.

Stuart57563337d ago

Hi it's me Stuart, 11-4 agree favours to your 1-2 disagree favours, arrogant sod. I wouldn't have bothered with a 'Sony slim' if they hadn't got so many quality exclusives in the pipeline, see it's the games that make a console. I've got a 360, I'm not a fanboy, I'm just not shelling out MORE cash on 360's (I'll stick with my Elite), especially when there is such a lack of exclusive content. But thanks for the comment "Armyntt"

Armyntt3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Just my 2c i didnt mean to piss on your mom or something. But your comment just reek'd of fanboyism. You cant just leave a simple comment without bashing the competitor of your console. BTW number of agree/disagrees doesnt make ones statement correct. Just means there could also be other fanboys in the room. Go to any Kinect article the sony fanboys are like flys on shit(not saying Kinect is shit, havent played it myself). You said why buy a slim when there is no exclusives coming? Well first off multiplats are games too. Besides fanboys most people could care less if the game can be played on another console or not.

Stuart57563337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Me again, multiplats are games, it doesn't take a genius to work that out, which is why you probably pointed it out. 2 disagree's on that comment pal already, maybe it's the 'pissing on mom' bit that did it. At no point did my comment reek of 'fanboyism', perhaps you however are maybe a wee bit too sensitive! Let's get something straight! I didn't buy a slim because I have an Elite already, it's under warranty and will be for a long time yet, to switch to a slim will be costly (spent enough on 360's already, RROD's), not to mention getting my game saves and DLC's across. I'm not bothered, I did upgrade to a PS3 slim though beacause you can simply slip the HDD out and into the new slim. Brill. Now then love, if you want to continue bashing me for doing what I see as logical behaviour, suit your fucking self cock, but don't accuse me of been a Sony fanboy when I think one of the best games this gen is Alan Wake, cunt. Probably get banned again for that!

Feckles3337d ago

These commercials/adverts finally confirm what we've suspected all along – that Kinect is for casual gamers and casual gamers only.

Microsoft is only after that Wii market/money.

Will Kinect ever be used for more core games? Or – more importantly – could it ever be used for more core games?

fastrez3337d ago

They seem to just copy Nintendo's marketing drive, but without the celebrity appeal. Pretty worrying.

Feckles3337d ago

They've got the whole aspiration thing right though – "your family could be this wholesome, if only you buy them Kinect!"

Can any real family relate to these ads?

skyward3337d ago

"Your front room/family room could look this amazing, if you just bought Kinect..."

jneul3337d ago

lol i still don't know why people basically want a £120 eyetoy, at least move has improved on wiimote, kinect made things worse, ms is the only company I know to copy an make things worse and not better at all, well apart from graphics lol.
sorry but i just played on kinect and it was as i feared, very glitch and laggy and worse than the original eyetoy, only graphics make it look like a step in the right direction, everything else was horrible, even the menu interactivity was a pain in the ass

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jneul3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

funny because right now zero issues with move, it works perfectly, and i love sports champions.
also yes I acknowledge the step from 2d to 3d, but honestly the camera is just not running fast enough, it needs to have a faster fps rate to measure motions more accurately without lag, kinect runs at 30fps just like eyetoy did and has to deal with 3d data you really don't know much if you think that will have no affect on how things are processed from a motion to on screen actions.

Bigpappy3337d ago

Hating on Kinect does nothing to help Move sales trool.

YogiBear3337d ago

Good to see you man the trenches for Microsoft. NOT!

n4gno3336d ago

"Hating on Kinect does nothing to help Move sales trool"

xfanboyz are always talking abot "hate" when people are just writting facts, opinions : so insecure.

by the way, move works, has great reviews, and it's sold out almost everywhere ( you can easily see it's not a fake sold out, when you count all gamers here who have bought it.)

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