Ninja Theory: Uncharted 2 Animation Was 'Overdone'

SPOnG: "Ninja Theory co-founder Tameem Antoniades has faith in the motion capture and animation techniques used for its upcoming adventure title Enslaved. So much so, that in the inevitable comparison to Uncharted 2, the developer opined that the animation in Naughty Dog's blockbuster 'overdoes itself.'"

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Chromer2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I guess having the record for most number of Game of the Year awards is 'overdone' too huh?

Get stuffed Ninja Theory.

nix2945d ago

"Basically, we use motion capture for the performance drama and hand animation for movement in game. It seems to work well. But that happens in movies as well - it's fine that the animation is overdone in places."

don't go by the headline!

Edward-Kraken2945d ago

I'm seriously starting to hate NT now.

HammockGames2945d ago

Going a step further, I wish more games were "overdone" like this.

aaron58292945d ago

nobody dissed Naughty Gods.

hay2945d ago

Sensational headline, nobody attacks ND.

Since UC2 played like a dream it's not a problem right? Actually I didn't like the Enslaved animations' feel which means Ninja Theory isn't really an authority for me on this field.
They worked with Andy Serkis and pro mocap studio but still... They fell a bit to short to criticize IMO.

Red_Orange_Juice2945d ago

u ppl suck, how about reading the article?

Sarcasm2945d ago

Ah things taken out of context, nothing new here.

People need to calm down.

MrMccormo2945d ago

Journalists claimed (and Ninja Theory hinted) that Enslaved's graphics would rival Uncharted 2's. Nope, didn't happen.

Now they want to backpedal and say the mo-cap was overdone?

Next in healine news: PopCap Games says that Killzone 3's graphics are too detailed.

Ju2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

"nobody attacks ND." No ?

Then what does that mean, quote: '"So you have three different people working on a single performance, which I don't think is the right way to do it if you want to create a believable character," Antoniades explained.'

Obviously he disagrees how they did their animations. ND might have had a perfectly good reason why they did it that way. Maybe he's just jealous they can actually have 3 people working on animations.

When he delivers what ND delivered, I might take him seriously. All I see that Enslaved is not even close - while they obviously saved money in their production.

nix2945d ago

i put it up right up front so that people won't just start venting out but hey... i was wrong!

outrageous2945d ago

The pre-rendered " simulations " as ND likes to call them are definitely over done. Uncharted 1 had 80 pre-rendered simulations and Uncharted 2 had 564...the definition of overdone. If Naughty Dog wants to make a pre-rendered movie...they should. If they want to make a video they should try to make game play and not pre-rendered sims every other minute. Every time Indiana Drake opened a door, jumped off a ledge or on a ledge...there was a cut scene.

ND was honest and tried to explain how near impossible it is to get the slow as molasses Cell to even render a exploding barrel let alone many of the set pieces in UC 2 that where the equivalent of a Hollywood green screen technique. The hotel exploding, the train background...etc...good thing they had all the space on the blu-ray to make there movies. You wouldn't be able to get away with that nonsense on a DvD and would have to rely on good ole gameplay or in engine cuts to make it through the game...O_o

raztad2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Wow Outregous sounds very desperate.

He wrote so much BS I'm not even sure if I should address it. I'm gonna say that Cell >>>> anything on the xbox doing physics calculations.

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Chucky20032945d ago

read before posting stupid things

LeShin2945d ago

They did it on purpose to get this sort of reaction! The journalist question to NT was VERY leading as well.

Good to see video game journalism at it's best

If you want people to click on your website for news, instead of picking flamebait titles why not just get good stories?!

XactGamer2945d ago

Chromer's comment is what happens when you just read the title and not the interview/article.

TVippy2945d ago

Their shitty demo 'supports' their words. Boycot Enslaved for this blasphemy!!

shoddy2945d ago

It mean to say ND work hard and it overkill the animation quality.

8thnightvolley2945d ago

thou i would say its an opinion, but seriously dont think UC2 was over done coz its one damn beautifully animated game. lets see ninja theory's result with enslaved if its anyway good funny how i now hear they are using the unreal engine 3... makes me qiver in pain.

XactGamer2945d ago

Some of you guys seriously need to read the news and not the title. How many more fools is it going to take?

topdawg1222945d ago

I don't feel confident in these guys making the new Devil May Cry game.

tinybigman2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I loved Heavenly Sword but you need to shut your mouths. You do your animation the way you want, and let other developers do animation the way they want.

N311V2945d ago

Overall graphically Enslaved is no where near UC. However when I played the demo I certaintly noticed how expressive the facial animations were, the amount of emotion conveyable with the technique they have used is fantastic in my opinion. This is what I believe is being referred to by "staying true to the actor". They have used mo-cap on the actual facial expressions rather than have an animator create them to match the voice. 

"Facial Motion Capture or Performance Capture is the process of electronically converting the movements of a person's face into a digital database using cameras or laser scanners. This database may then be used to produce CG (computer graphics) computer animation for movies, games, or real-time avatars. Because the motion of CG characters is derived from the movements of real people, it results in more realistic and nuanced computer character animation than if the animation was created manually."

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tdogg060519912945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

That is why NT is not GOTY Material, ND used all the resources they could to make an amazing realistic cinematic experience, wait until they see LA Noire their tech is Waaaaaay overdone lol

Dipso2945d ago

Read the article, he's simply discussing the animation methods used and how he feels its not as natural a method as the capture techniques they use. Just more tabloid game journalism, Ninja Theory have had nothing but high praise for Naughty Dog's work. Leave the schoolyard bickering to the publishers, developers have far too much respect to be getting in pissing contests with each other.

pr0digyZA2945d ago

well said people must learn to read and stop jumping on the bandwagon.

DaTruth2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

So what you're saying is, people should fall into this flame-bait trap and give them the hits they were looking for when they made that flame-bait headline!

Quagmire2945d ago

Dont use logic on N4G. makes too much sense.

Dipso2945d ago

@Da Truth

Haha..fair point, but personally I thought it more important to get the truth out rather than worry about how many hits Spong might score off this one. There's kids on here saying they won't buy Enslaved now because of these out of context quotations!? N4G..often moronic but rarely dull.

Ju2945d ago

I probably won't get Enslaved because it's just a sh!tty game. Sorry. Over-hyped, trying to ride the wave of other games and still a total step back from HS. I wanted to see all issues in HS fixed. Instead we got a game - 5 years after - which is a complete let down. I understand they were struggling - HS production was too expensive for them. It was the first cinematic game - but Enslaved just does not improve a single thing upon that game. A real shame.

You know, instead of citing other games all the time (like ND, etc) they could simply point out what they (!) improved compared to their own previous work. How hard is that ? Would probably not sell as well...

Redempteur2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

i read it .. and i don't get them what they used 3 team to have the most realistic ( and freedom while créating the scenes of their game ) ..

Aren't they a little jalous they can't afford this given how Heavenly sword was a financial sinking ship for them ??

i mean what's overdone ? Heavy rain did something quite similar ( record the moves ,and then the voices) was that overdone ? because i'd take "overdone " everyday .

i feel i like that " overdone" style because enslaved animation was stiff and lacked detail in the cutscenes as opposed to the 2 games i mentionned above

Ju2945d ago

Ask him how he records lipsync animations in different languages the way he suggests.

Redoing mocap for every single language ??

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Corrwin2945d ago

I can't help but think Ensalved could have looked much better had NT stuck to one platform.

Ult iMate2945d ago

Will fixing Dante be considered as an overdoing? )))

BYE2945d ago

They fixed him, Dante no longer has white hair.


As for the article, I could imagine doing every cutscene in 3 takes being much more expensive and time consuming. But that's Naughty Dog's problem, in the end they delievered a good product.

salinidus2945d ago

amazingly great product with smooth platforming (if you played the enslaved demo you know what i mean).