Pachter Predicts No New Console Cycle, Everything Going Cloud Based

Video game industry analyst, Michael Pachter, recently spoke at a Q&A session at PAX that was filmed for his show “Pach Attack”, which appears on GameTrailers. The very first question that he was asked was whether or not he thinks it would be possible for another company to bring a brand new console to the market. Pachter responded by saying that he doesn’t think that there will be a new console cycle at all, and that everything will be moving to streaming server-based solutions like OnLive.

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darkcharizard3341d ago

There'll be at least one more console cycle, imo

ForceCSW3340d ago

If Patcher said it then you expect the opposite. There will probably be a million more console cycles now lol.

Edward-Kraken3340d ago

I predict Pachter will not STFU anytime soon.

MrMccormo3340d ago

There WILL be at least one or two more console cycles.

My opinion? Handheld gaming platforms have a better chance of going cloud-based before consoles do, because of how handhelds are slowly melding with cell phones.

But here in the USA at least, we are not even close to cloud-based gaming for everyone. All you need to play games is a TV and the game console. Lots of people aren't going to like it if you have to add a paid monthly internet service as a requirement.

Shadow Flare3340d ago

I know pachter comes out with stupid things sometimes, but this prediction is just ridiculous. He expects Sony, nintendo and Microsoft to all go cloud based gaming?? No way! Not for quite a while anyway. Didn't Sony themselves say their next console will use disc based storage? Seriously pachter....pretty much everyone on n4g who comments would do a better job at predicting things then you. Seriously

Lifendz3340d ago

All go cloud? What about the people that don't have access to broadband internet? Are they just left out? No. Until we have fast and affordable internet in all the major video game markets, there will always be a console.

ravinash3340d ago

How many countries in the world have the network infrastructure to allow cloud gaming???

japan might, but everywhere way.
US is too big for everyone to get it and most of the rest of the world are years behind with their current setup.

There will be a market for a stand alone console for many years to come.

PopEmUp3340d ago

I stopped reading at "Pachter"
What's this article about?
----------------------------- -----------------

go and read it if you wanna know what it about

The Killer3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

if the console wanna lose money, then the best way to do it is by making cloud consoles!!

because the only countries that will have the technology to support the could gaming would be very few i.e. USA, UK, France, Spain, Japan and very few other countries!!

what about the rest of the world? so i think we might not see cloud console until the next 20 years!

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8thnightvolley3340d ago

i agree too that there is at least one more console live cycle, and this one will be one hell of a beast of tech coz they will surely be the longest cycle even more than the ps3 and xbox360 due to the fact console companies like MS and sony even nintendo are clear that over time these consoles have to evolve like pc with new tech and new addtitions and if they are not flexible enough they will quickly become outdated, its become a new expectancy to always ask a console of 4 or 5 years what else can ur console do and can it do this or that, .. onlive on the other hand will take off on consoles but it will be needed to have a serious visual and technical edge to appeal to the hardcore but yet again not all hardcore players are fund of not having their disc at hand to be sure and knw u acutally own that game and not some vapourware that can be taken if u dont play for a service.

Downtown boogey3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Uh... The reason for the increasing duration of life cycles is that with each new step, technology evolves thus making the new games require correspondingly more time.

Downtown boogey3340d ago

Depends how long this cycle'll be. I think the last cycle will partially co-exist with the cloud but ultimately be subdued.

dredgewalker3340d ago

I predict that Pachter will never shut up about any gaming related predictions.

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EYEamNUMBER13341d ago

wait i don't get it this makes no sense to me even if the future did go cloud gaming you would still need a console to access that

so technically speaking that is a console cycle no?

kevnb3340d ago

you wouldnt need a console, you could use a laptop or something like an apple tv.

ZombieAutopsy3341d ago

Doubt it since only about half of console owners are connected to the internet and Sony/MS/NiN all make money of royalties from games on their consoles.

belal3340d ago

be consoles, it sells, why not make another one lol. patcher is really stupid.

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