Bayonetta Will Be Back…If We Believe? (DualShockers)

DS writes, "We recently informed you that legendary game creator Hideki Kamiya, and director of the critically acclaimed Bayonetta, said of the hair wielding witch that, quote “She’ll be back if you believe so”.Given the history of games like this, it was very inspiring to learn that a Bayonetta sequel is even possible.

But looking more closely at his statement, what exactly does it mean? Bayonetta was released in January of this year, and since that time the game has made waves critically, currently standing as one of Metacritic’s highest rated games of 2010."

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alphakennybody3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

I would like him to work on a deadpool only game, I think he could pull it off easily. Dante( not the new one>:( ) was basically the eastern equivalent of deadpool,only immortal and half-demon. Imagine all the crazy combos just like in dmc and maybe implement some from this game.

jay23337d ago

A new IP to an sucestful series that have been going for years?
Over 1MIll is fantastic for a new IP.