Final Fantasy XIV May Ruin Your Life, and Square Enix Knows "When you log on to play Final Fantasy XIV, you are greeted with a very nice message (shown below). Apparently Square Enix understands that the world of Final Fantasy XIV has the potential to well, take over one's life."

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AvidGamerrrr2967d ago

I got the CE and can't stop playing. In fact, I didn't even notice this warning I was so anxious to play. hahaha

WutPleaze2967d ago

I would never pay for this game. Ever.

evrfighter2967d ago

bought the CE. have all the bonus items and I've already unsubscribed.

game is a joke.

mittwaffen2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I'm going to show you why it is bad, not just state text.

Final Fantasy XIV “Nothing But Copy-Paste" (They copy/paste all terrain like a stamp set)

Still dont believe me? Look at these zone maps..

Even a video of the zones and how boringly repetitive they made them..
Look how exciting it is run/explore...

Sure looks like a 'quality' game, not. This game reeks of rushed job and clearly shows it; VERY stale. This is not an MMO that will thrive long once people see it for what it is; not just the company name.

I pity anyone who puts time into this, there is much better things you can do with your time. This game does NOT deserve your time. All MMO's are setup to 'suck you in' but that doesn't mean they are good or worth being sucked into.

AnthonyAccinell2967d ago

Yeah- playing it right now actually. It's good, but it's not THAT good haha

princejb1342967d ago

lol mayb you can take down the king of mmo- im looking at you wow

Apollyn2967d ago

How many times have I heard that. Honestly the only mmo that will kill wow will probably be made by..... blizzard.

Troll-without-Bridge2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Thats because all MMO freaks are Blizzard fanboys, even if their games are not that good.

mittwaffen2967d ago

Unlike other companies, who push out a POS and everyone goes back to the most polished game out there.

I dont play mmo's anymore but i've givent ALOT a shot, the most polished MMO that i've never regretted buying is WoW.

AOC, WAR, FFXI,FFXIV, ETC etc are all shitty and you can see they were limited by either shitty staff, or a low budget (they rely on sub's to make it better down the road---if it lives that long).

This is just another below average MMO (FFXIV) to add to the list, Age of Conan was better than this..

BYE2967d ago

If you'd ask random people in the street, I bet most of them didn't even hear about FFXIV.

WoW is a phenomenom. It was in the right place at the right time, got all the media attention and hype which resulted in over 10 million subscribers.

Something like that is not repeatable within the MMO genre. It's not 2005 anymore.

Apollyn2967d ago

Got the ce from work not Going too pay for it the games rather bad. Shame I rather enjoy mmo's

Jikla2967d ago

But it has many flaws. If you're rolling caster in this game you will have a hard time soloing and don't get as much SP (skill points) as the physical classes do. You also have somewhat bigger down time as a caster. I wish I could do more than 8 levequest every 36 hours as well. I've heard that they are going to lower it to 24 or 12 hours. Anima should get a lesser cool down as well. 4 every 24 hours is a pain in the ass when most teleports costs 2-6 anima and you have a max of 100. I hope they lower the anima CD to 1 anima each 1-2 hours. There's a party bug as well that gives you less SP if you're in a party consisting of more than 2 members so you should forget getting big groups for leveling for now.

Other than that this is a great mmo, there's always something to do and if you get fatigued you can always play as another class. This game isn't that user friendly tho. So casuals should probably go wow.

I know this had nothing to do with the article but the article is bad and shouldn't be considered news anyway.

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