HMV could turn gaming sales industry on it's head

Zombigamer writes: Do you buy games from supermarkets ? [where you buy your groceries for example] I personally only support an actual gaming store, thats just me. Nowadays you can even buy a Motorbike from a supermarket, but not for me thanks, I’ll go to my local Yamaha. It just seems wrong. Well HMV could turn the gaming retail business on it’s head from the look of thing.

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ArchangelMike2967d ago

I admit that I do shop for a bargain from internet shops and supermarkets. Not sure how dedicated gaming retailers can counter this. one way I guess would be to offer higher reward points per pound spent.

r0gueZA2967d ago

Thank you.

I think what could help is not giving mass supermarkets the release day stock, so wait a week or two as to give specialists a go at it first?

Its not really fair, but nor is mass supermarkets slashing pricing on release day.