UK Wii Revenues Decline 40%

MCV: "Following dips in both sales and revenue at leading UK games retailer GAME, the chain has pegged Nintendo’s hardware duo of Wii and DS as one of the main drivers of the dip.

Specifically, GAME and Gamestation stores have seen a 40 per cent decline in hardware sales of the WIi and DS in year-to-date 2010.

On the flip side, the Xbox 360 has seen gains of 16 per cent in the period and the PS3 has done even better – selling 17 per cent more consoles so far in 2010 than it had by this point in 2009."

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emil12968d ago

good to hear. nintendo doesn't deserve any money with wii-a console with worst games ever

Fierce Musashi2968d ago

As well as some of the best games ever. Which can be said for any console this gen.

Lol, what a moron.

ozstar2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

You had one bubble, and you wasted it.

Venox20082968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

your comment is out of this world.. I think you didn't play many good games on the wii or didn't hear except shooters and now barking without knowing games that are good and not.. wii has plenty of good games. I know that because I own them, there are more than 50 good games, just wait some time and watch when x360 kinect and sony move will gain many bad games, becouse it's coming..what will you say then? :)

Seferoth752968d ago

Wii Sports and Sports Resort are crap to Sony fans but they now consider Sports Champions to be a hardcore title.

People like him will use crap games as a sign the PS3 is now a mainstream console. Doesnt matter that it was once the reason Wii was killing gaming.

Sony says it, they repeat it

Sony says Rumble is last gen
Sony fans no longer want rumble.

Sony says motion controls are a gimmick and fad
Sony fans repeat Sony again

Sony announces Move and says motion controls are cool
Sony fans start preordering it that day and proclaiming it superior to the Wii and how casual games like CoD and RE are now core games because they have Move support.

There is a good reason most people consider them sheep

jneul2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I wonder what "moved" it, I guess wii is old now, most people are looking towards ps3/360 as their next step in gaming
still it won't change that zelda will be epic !!!

Droid Control2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Best news i've heard all day.
Can't wait for the day when Nintendo scrap that sh!t and release a new, more powerful, HD console.

Wii had some great exclusives, (Mario/Zelda) but tha doesn't mean the hardware wasn't crap.

The 3DS is a great first step on the way back to hardcore glory...

ozstar2968d ago

It certainly wasn't the competitors motion controllers that did it and, as is evidenced by the article itself, it was core games selling well, in addition to PS3 and 360 pricedrops AND redesigns.

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