Interview: Medal of Honor's Greg Goodrich (Part 1)

Sitting down one-on-one with Greg, a few things immediately jump out. For starters, he rarely uses "I" in conversation. All credit goes to the team, and decisions apply strictly "for us." It's also clear how deeply working with Medal's military consultants -- a collection of active and retired Special Operations soldiers -- affected him. Along with delivering a great game, he wants to give his audience a glimpse into that rarified community.

"We all have a stereotypical view of what a Special Operations soldier is," Greg tells me, "and clearly they're genetically different. You just feel that presence. It was a long process, getting them involved, and once they were on board, man, they were fully on board. It's like anything they do, they want to do it better than anyone else. That's just a part of their mindset."

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