Heavy Rain and the Destruction of Traditional Game Design

(Spoiler Warning: I'd recommend you play through Heavy Rain before reading this article since I spoil quite a bit of its story in here.)

Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain is a game with lofty ambitions. “Games are immature,” it sneers, “but here's how we can grow up.” While it's certainly a noble ambition to try and move an artistic medium forward, any casual observer would be forgiven for thinking the developers at Quantic Dream are going about it in the wrong way.

Instead of pushing video games into their own unique space, with the specific benefits and disadvantages of the medium in mind, the they've instead employed the world of cinema as a crutch -- and taken a huge step back in the process.

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Montoya2942d ago

It`s only a new genre being a bit dramatic.

nix2942d ago

that's all. great game. nevertheless!