Building a hit, one block at a time: the creation of Minecraft

Like a zombie shambling into the light, it seemed to come out of nowhere. Then, before you knew it, it was the game everyone was talking about. "Have you played Minecraft?" people would ask. And then Arstechnica's Andrew Webster did, and he understood. Beneath its blocky visuals lies an astoundingly deep experience. You explore, collect, and build, and then when night falls, you hope you don't die. It's the type of game that really needs to be experienced before you can fully understand it. Ars spoke with developer Markus "Notch" Persson about where the game actually came from and what we can expect next.

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MultiConsoleGamer3332d ago

It's a cliche to say a game is like "video game crack" but that's really true when it comes to Minecraft.

dizzleK3332d ago

Never heard of it. I'm not kidding.