Player Affinity: Respawn: Lost Odyssey

Josh Margolis wrote: "Last gen you couldn’t go a year without at least five Japanese RPGs coming out. However, these days they are quite rare. In fact this generation alone I’m sure you can count the number of JRPGs with your hands (if not just one). However we have gotten a few gems out of the genre this generation, and I have to say Lost Odyssey is one of the good ones. It can almost be said that Lost Odyssey is the true Final Fantasy XIII. Sure it lacks the innovation that Final Fantasy XIII brought to the table, but it the soul of the series. Something Lost Odyssey seems to have inherited."

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KinivingReviving2941d ago

Great game, great article.

So sorry for your loss, by the way.

RagingCajun2941d ago

An incredibly underrated game. Thanks for shining some light on it!

Myst2941d ago

I approve this article on the basis that it is an awesome game! One that I should definitely go back and play this weekend.

Also sorry for the writers loss :(

Invadersims2941d ago

This is one of those games that I've played on and off for a while and can never seem to find the end.

Sorry for your loss man.

Grim_Fandango2941d ago

Meh--I'm not buying it, but then again I have a prejudice against JRPG's. I've never been one for turn-based strategies (Civilizations and the like are the only ones I can bare :D)

I'm sorry for your loss, condolences to his family--writers salute!

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