NVIDIA 3D-Vision Multimedia Resource Guide

Benchmark Reviews: While the path towards widespread 3D acceptance has been long and difficult, we've arrived at a market rich with 3D innovation. Cinema 3D movies are showing in theaters across America, major sporting events are broadcast in 3D, and now 3D-HDTVs are a sought-after item. Many would credit NVIDIA's 3D-Vision technology for being the catalyst that launched a new era of visual entertainment, and in this article Benchmark Reviews presents our NVIDIA 3D-Vision Multimedia Resource Guide. Video games are a primary part of this article, and we'll share tips on optimizing convergence settings to produce eye-popping out-of-screen 3D effects. NVIDIA's 3D-Vision kit is capable of much more than video games, which is why we also offer sections on 3D video multimedia, 3D Blu-Ray Disc movies, 3D photos, and Sony's PlayStation 3.

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