GC 2007: Midway Press Conference highlights UT cross-platform modding and other surprises

"Mark Rein, Vice Preisdent of Epic, spoke briefly about Unreal Tournament III and promised strong support for the mod scene when the game is released this November, so much so that modders who create maps and new content for the PC game can then share them with console players via the PlayStation Network. Not just new skins and reworked levels either, but the ability to include new models, scripting - pretty much whatever the modder wants to include, using the power of the Unreal Engine."

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MK_Red4167d ago

When on earth are they going to show Mortal Kombat 8 for PS3 and 360?

thereapersson4167d ago

I was wondering the same thing. I want a new Mortal Kombat game as I really loved the ones on the last-gen systems, "Armageddon" and "Deception". Midway successfully revamped the combat system into something fun, which is why I would like to see what the new hardware can bring us.

MK_Red4167d ago

True and agreed :)

The strange thing is that IGN did announce Mortal Kombat 8 for PS3, 360 and Wii plus some info. Like the game using Unreal Engine 3 and having a totally new fighting system.

SuperSaiyan44167d ago

That franchise is now officially DEAD! They messed up the game as soon as it went 3D.

Anyways I am very interested in this modding idea, usually PC gamers are able to make mods to the data file of the games to include updates i.e. visual updates and enhancements etc I wonder if they will be able to beef up the games visuals even further and have that update availalbe for the PS3 version? Now that would be very interesting however it would have to be built with the PS3's capabilities in mind since the graphics cards on the PC market like 8800GTX Ultra are capable enough to handle the highest settings so using a file created for that card could destroy the PS3 lol.

thereapersson4167d ago

Except that Epic has always made games with technology constraints in mind. Besides, even if you have a 7900, or even a lower powered card than that, you can still probably run in on PC if you have enough RAM. You would just have to tone down the settings, but i'm sure the game would be playable.

thereapersson4167d ago

It's nice to see more info on how mods are going to be handled between platforms, but alas everyone is over in the comparison threads with their flame suits activated...

INehalemEXI4167d ago

This is funny cause I already new this from watching the e307 gs interview with jeff morris and was discussing it on a gs forum and die hard pc fans were pissed about it and saying its impossible you dont know what your talking about woopty woop.

DG4167d ago

How is this 360 news? Didnt MS say at their E3 conference that all new games using the Unreal engine would have PC/360 compatability built in?

thereapersson4167d ago

Duh. Otherwise I would have left out the 360 tag.