Five great PCs under $500

Who says that buying a new PC has to be expensive? Sure, you could go to your local big-box store and have the salesperson wow you with the latest, greatest and most-expensive computers in the store. But, you don't have to go that route because GamerTVNetwork has five computers to recommend (one each for everyday use, gaming, multimedia, schoolwork and internet). The best part: each of them cost less than $500 (before monitor, of course).

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frjoethesecond2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I wouldn't game on any of these. And my 3 year old €1000 laptop makes a better gaming pc than any of these likely will (not to mention my actual gaming PC).
I know my laptop was more expensive but prices have surely come down enough for a comparable machine to be half price 3 years later.

In short, spend a little more. It'll surely benefit you in the long run.

TheSoundDefense2968d ago

You mean you got better performance out of a machine when you paid more for it? Shocking!

Seriously, though, you seem to be missing the point. Some of us don't have a lot of money to drop. That's why these articles exist.

frjoethesecond2968d ago

Don't you thing three years of depreciation should have at least levelled the playing field?