Is PC benchmarking getting out of hand?

These days PC benchmarking is at a whole other level with people going to insane extremes to crank as much juice from their machine as possible. A high score in 3Dmark might give some a digital boner but it may not mean all that much depending on what game they’re playing.

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Pandamobile2945d ago

Is it so wrong that people try to push their hardware to its limits?

Extreme benchmarking is the tech-world's equivalent to drag racing.

Letros2945d ago

You're absolutely right, between curiosity and competition, it's just human nature.

coolbeans2945d ago

If the consumer's willing to spend the extra dough, I don't see the problem in them pushing their PCs to the utmost limits.

Cevapi882945d ago

how is there a limit, when the tech keeps evolving and advancing every might last for a couple of months or a year, but something new and more powerful is always around the corner

bobcostus2945d ago

Pandamobile, I freaking love you. In a totally platonic way of course. Mostly.

OT: I have a corei5 750 overclocked from 2.6 ghz to 4.0 ghz on air, and an ATI 5850 OC'd from 725/1000 to 900/1200. :D I love to overclock. Hell, I even overclocked my droid phone.

Pandamobile2945d ago

It's okay, I get that a lot :3

TOSgamer2945d ago

I pretty much overclock everything as well. Hell I even overclocked the atom in my mini 311. 1.6 to 2.1 ghz. That is one case where it definitely helps for every day use since the atom is so anemic at stock levels.

il-mouzer2944d ago

I ended up overclocking my htc hd2 which is now no more :P

NegativeCreepWA2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I want to over clock my i7 which is at 2.6 but, don't have a clue how. I looked into it a little and from the sound of things its supposed to be a little more complicated then other processors.

KingKiff2945d ago

Google it.

There will be instruction for each chipset, cpu, gpu etc.

My advise is when you first try out overclocking the key to not melting you system is baby steps. Overclock a little at a time and check for stability and you should be fine.

A simple tweak of the voltages by .1 of a volt can up a 2.6ghz CPU to a 2.75ghz/2.8ghz CPU.

Once you have played around a bit it becomes easier.

Just read up on it and you can't go wrong (usually), I have fried a mobo or two in the past.

NegativeCreepWA2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I was just looking around a bit and most of it is way beyond me. From what I've read I'm just going to try and get 3.2. It seems to be a safe number with stock cooling for the i7 920 and it'll put me on par with an high end i7.

Hell, I don't even know how to get to the CPU-Z screen to turn on the boost, that all the articles I've read show. If I could get to that screen the turbo boost feature alone would get me to 2.8.

I hate not knowing anything about computers, but since I bought my gaming rig in Jan I love PC gaming. Haven't came across a game that can make it my rig skip a beat yet, well except for the last level of Crysis on full settings.

il-mouzer2944d ago

I have the i7 920 too - had some problems with Starcraft 2 due to the overclocking (was 3.4) which I then reduced (to 3.2) and worked fine.

Sarcasm2944d ago

Wow... I guess I fall into this category as well. I finally was able to OC my 965BE to 3.9ghz stable.

Even though at 1680x1050 resolution it doesn't make a huge impact on games and the fact that I play everything with V-Sync on, it's almost pointless for me to OC.

But I do it anyway. Soon, 4ghz here I come!

mittwaffen2944d ago

PS3 vs XBOX threads, where benchmarking provides indication of performance for future games; picking apart console games (very very small differences when compared to a PC game)

That is pathetic, N4G another FAIL article approved.

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tacosRcool2945d ago

Metro 2033 is super hard to run on my and my bros computer.

KingKiff2945d ago

Time to upgrade them my friend...

Or buy an Xbox lol

KingKiff2945d ago

An Xbox will run Metro 2033 just fine...

It is the truth.

Pandamobile2945d ago

Yeah, it runs fine, but it looks like a game from 2005.

imvix2944d ago

Xbox version of metro is 540p from what i recall, and low res textures. You could make those settings on PC or slightly higher if you dont want to upgrade.

hoops2944d ago

If you play Metro 2033 on a capable PC, you will never want to play it on the Xbox360.
Put simply;
Metro 2033 is the best looking game this generation. It even looks better than Crysis Warhead in many cases. The problem lies is you need a high end PC to run it.
Now if you do, you will be blown away by the visuals.

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tacosRcool2944d ago

Well and the 360 can't run it in Dx 10 on medium setting higher than 540p like our computers. The 360 has nothing compared to my computer

bryter2945d ago

2 GTX 460s can handle Metro 2033. You can get into the 50 fps with a little overclock.

KingKiff2945d ago

If you want to burn your house down lol...

jj they are not that bad, but ATi all the way I say.

bryter2945d ago

The GTX 460s are actually extremely efficient and don't use very much power. Nvidia have re-worked the Fermi architecture to draw less power, produce less heat and generally run cooler than the GF100 variations of the 470, 480 and indeed the 465.

KingKiff2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I know I was joking lol... I think they are a good card.

Just this gen I have been on ATi's side with their bang for buck cards.

I used to love my 8800 GTS OC edition (800 odd megabytes)

@ Pandamobile above

HAHAHAHAHA I lol'd at that one.

bryter2945d ago

Cool man, I was thinking of going with ATI and getting a 5870, but I would like to see a price-drop. For almost the same price I can get 2 x 460s which drastically outperform 1 x 5870, in some cases they can even outperform a 5970. :)

What ATI card are you using now?

siliticx2944d ago


theres a new wave of AMD (ATI is dead btw) coming in october.

nanometric2944d ago

Yeah, I'm bulding my first PC with i5-760 and GTX460(and another one down the road). From what I have read, and I have done a lot of that, it is the best card price/performance wise. In SLI it beats GTX480 by some 10-20%, and all equally and even some more expensively priced ATI cards. Not to mention nVidia's supperior SLI scaling, Physx, etc.

p.s. dammit, can't wait for my new PC T_T

ultramoot2945d ago

I don't see anything wrong whatsoever with benchmarking.

Newtype2945d ago

The more you push the processor, the faster it will die. Unless you water cool.

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