EMEAA Yearly Chart 2010

EMEAA Hardware:

DS - 4,408,978
Wii - 3,507,392
PS3 - 2,779,412
360 - 2,556,384
PSP - 1,753,192
PS2 - 980,264

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sunnygrg2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

It will be interesting to see how the year 2010 turns out to be.

The PS3 has had its share of boost with the Slim console and the 360 is picking up some momentum with the new S. Post November though, GT5 will burn the village down.

Aquanox2969d ago

By now, the Xbox 360 should've taken the lead back in Europe. Last week it was just some thousands of units away.

ECM0NEY2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Yeah thanks to pirating :)

JustSomeLogic2970d ago

Cos we all know that lil system is pirated like crazy. Why not just admit that people love the DS more than they do the psp? Man, always some excuse with you Sonynites

dredgewalker2969d ago

DS is indeed a monster haha....but you have to give credit to the PS2. it simply does not want to die and we have to remember that not everyone can afford the current gen consoles. 3rd world countries still love the PS2 and the library is still huge and good enough for most people.

Motorola2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

PS3 doing great. PS2 nearly 1 mil? NICE

Moonboots2970d ago

Wow, that gap closed fast in hardware from the last Sept chart VGA did. If that pace keeps up it looks like it will overtake the PS3 by years end.

Good numbers all around.

Nathaniel_Drake2970d ago

You are forgetting about GT5 release, which is huge in Europe. That gap might increase for the PS3 at years end

CrazyForGames2970d ago

are you guys forgetting about kinect?
whether you like that piece of crap or not its gonna sell and it will most likely sell some consoles as well

JustSomeLogic2970d ago

Its already at 136k units with 7 weeks to go. Move was at 40k pre-orders one week before launch. 140k sales at launch vs 136k 7 weeks before launch. Who do you think is gonna win the sales? Oh and yes, this is ALL about sales

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seij5552970d ago

Reach just gave them their last breath. Nothing else to look forward to they will die from asphyxiation.

JustSomeLogic2969d ago

I thought Uncharted 2 was the final nail. . .then there was God Of War 3. . .almost forgot Killzone 2 which Reach outsold within a day of release.
Did anybody else notice that the gap between ps3 and x360 has narrowed to just 68k units? Tides are changing indeed, but not in the direction the Sonynites want to believe.
Let me guess, wait til next year right?

masterofpwnage2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

haha wow how times change.
dude no game console can kill another.
remember when they all said, halo reach will be the final nail for the ps3 and also gears and also mass effect.

no game kills a console.

a fanboy trying to educate a fanboy using fanboy logic.

go to love it hahaha

All_4_One2970d ago

Reach and the slim have already passed, their effects may linger around a while longer, but the 360 probably won`t be closing that gap, especially with GT5 on it`s way.

Ilikegames762970d ago

with the 360's 18 months head start, it's now playing catch up to the PS3. Now it's targeting the casual market, I don't know what MS is planning for it's hardcore gamers.

N4PS3Fanboys2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

This is only 2010 sales, so what does the head start have to do with it? If it was life to date sales, then you would have a point.

wicked2970d ago

But if think of how much market share MS has taken from Sony this gen, MS must be happy. Sales are almost 1:1 but PS2 to Xbox must have been 9:1 to Sony.

Ilikegames762970d ago

that the PS3 is overtaking the 360. If you compare the first year of PS3 to first year of the 360, then you will notice that the PS3 is outselling the 360.

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Roonie2970d ago

on top of 360 GT5 still yet to come......

mcstorm2970d ago

Well the numbers are good for both MS and sony but the Big N are still king of the home and hand held market. I think MS have done amazing this gen to get the 360 sales to where they are after what sony have done over the last 2 gens and with it only being there 2nd console in the market. Sony have done a good job in getting the ps3 numbers up this year too but you all have to take your hats off to the Big N for turning round being last for the last 2 gens to out doing both sony and ms.

I hope the good sales on all 3 platforms keep up like they have done as it us all good for us gamers as we see the best of all 3 company's when it comes to there top games and new hardware.

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