Top Ten Fan Trailers Based on Games

gamrFeed - We all know that video game movies usually walk a razors edge between “watchable” and “terrible in every way”. While there are a few gems out there, there is also a lot of total garbage. To me, a lot of fan films and smaller productions have a real soul to them and end up way more fun than any of the big Hollywood blockbusters based on games. Granted, if a few of these were made into real films, they would also be nearly unwatchable, but we can at least bask in the glory that is the Top ten fan trailers based on games, in no particular order.

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naznatips2947d ago

Yeah the Oregon Trail one was the best lol.

MMFGaming2947d ago

How could you guys have missed the Half-Life fan trailer?

Otherwise good list!

O-D-C2947d ago

I wouldnt mind seeing most of these actually.