Lens of Truth - InFocus: Halo Reach Review

Lens of Truth writes "Microsoft’s juggernaut franchise has returned bringing us one of the most highly anticipated titles of this generation, Halo: Reach. This title is actually a prequel to the entire Halo franchise that we’ve all come to know, but one things for sure, Halo Reach pushes the Xbox 360 to heights we never expected it to “Reach”. Come join us as we take you through one of the greatest first person shooters this universe has ever known."

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RudeSole Devil2967d ago

Good review score, I just finished it on legendary and all I can say is OMG this was freaking hard man. Took me a little over 12 hours to beat.

MerkinMax2967d ago

That last level took me 143 minutes, so roughly 2 hours and 23 minutes. At least I loved every second of it.

Imperator2967d ago

Ugh damn you, I'm barely half way there and it's by far the hardest campaign. Especially since I keep switching between SP and MP.

PS360PCROCKS2967d ago

pssh i'm on heroic and i'm struggling

n4gno2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Do you really thing possible that lens of "truth" (lol) can give a bad score to halo ?

"PS3 fans boys always bring up Killzone 2 this and Killzone 2 that, but Halo Reach, IMO, looks just as good if not better."

joke of the day. denial or blindness ?
guys, seriously, you can enjoy games, but definitly admit that you can't have ps3 exclusives graphics withtou a ps3, it's just a fact.

edit : wow, it's incredible to see the full xbox defense force, Xfans, when "halo" is in the title, or "comparisons screenshots" :) pathetic (not the presence of fans, but the ridiculous agree/disagrees, completly in the opposite world of reason)

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donkeydoo2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Halo Reach is by far the best FPS on the planet, even better than Killzone 2, COD2 etc. Before you people bash me hear me out. Killzone 2 may have better graphics but Halo Reach control, story, and multiplayer destroy anything Killzone 2 has to offer hands down. IMO...

Look at this image Actually, I think it may look better than Killzone 2.

Fishy Fingers2967d ago

You seem more concerned with KZ than you do Halo. If a game is great it doesnt require the comparisons for the sake of justification.

donkeydoo2967d ago

PS3 fans boys always bring up Killzone 2 this and Killzone 2 that, but Halo Reach, IMO, looks just as good if not better.

Fishy Fingers2967d ago

You cant have "fact" and "IMO" in the same sentence dude, your stating your opinion, nothing more, nothing less. Also, when you write a comment containing either "Sony fanboys say" or "xbox fanboys say" it makes it rather clear your not really concentrating on the game, but how you can use it for your own means in the "console war".

You think Reach looks great, so do I. Easy.

-Alpha2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Sorry but Reach does not "look" better. Technically K2 is the better looking game, it has more under its engine than Halo does. It's just a fact, and to hinge on graphics as if it's that important only makes me think that people are just far too judgmental on a game looking so extremely good that they can't see that games are made up of far more components than that. Artistically, fine, that's subjective and I can agree that Reach has an artistic vibe. Though arguing that one artistic depiction is better than another is still a pointless discussion.

Please don't fall into the same hole the Killzone fanboys do when they tout graphics and only graphics in order to put down Halo for Killzone.

It's way too easy to look at a game, pull a better looking one out and then try to demean the first game as being inferior overall. I find this to be pretty insulting and low, and it's often done by people who have to hinge on graphics because they've never played the game themselves.

ELite_Ghost2967d ago

you`re comparing reach with a 2 year old game, wait for Killzone 3 at least if u wanna compare franchises...

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deadreckoning6662967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

"Halo Reach is by far the best FPS on the planet, even better than Killzone 2, COD2 etc. Before you people bash me hear me out. Killzone 2 may have better graphics but Halo Reach control, story, and multiplayer destroy anything Killzone 2 has to offer hands down. IMO..."

Well, let me say this I actually agree with MOST aspects of your comment...but there was absolutely NO reason to mention that here. You know how people get on this site. Ur are entitled to your opinion, but I think you could have gotten your point across in a more mature way.

Besides, I don't think its fair to compare Reach to Killzone 2. Bungie has been perfecting the Halo formula for close to a decade and have gotten TONS of fan feedback over the years which helped make Reach what it is. KZ2 just came out last year!

Like ELite_Ghost says, if any comparing is to be done..KZ3 would have been a better choice than KZ2.

moparful992967d ago

Its funny to me how anytime killzone 2 is used as a benchmark for comparisson the word fanboy gets thrown around so liberally and of course all the hatred that comes with that word yet I come in here and kz2 has been referenced in most of the comments.. This is how this whole fanboy flame war stuff propogates.. Someone mentions the competition and then all of the sudden it dominates the discussion and the original topic is all but forgotten.. Worst of all 90% of the stuff said is all opinion that is worded as factual.. From a technical standpoint its easy to see that both games run really well and are the defining games for each platform... So in that essence why do we have to engage in these mud slinging competitions? Frankly nothing is accomplished except to further divide the community.. This perpetual song and dance has to stop...

Joe Bomb2967d ago

Can there ever be a new news post where people don't mention Killzone 2? Because if were talking about the story of each, K2 cannot touch Halo.

talltony2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

A story about space marines in halo isn't generic while kz2 is.

cayal2967d ago

I'm just amused that people think Halo's point and shoot is better then Killzone (or any other FPS) point and shoot gameplay.

units2967d ago

i dont think this is the time or place to be talking about anything else bar halo

talltony2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Not the tech better. Only the art can be a opinion. Not the number of polygons.

mrcash2967d ago

Do you have a spec sheet for both games? and I'm not just talking about polygons,the whole shebang. It would be interesting to see it, considering that halo reach levels are much larger than killzone2's

talltony2967d ago

Reach has bigger environments but also is really short and has alot of backtracking. Also their is alot less going on in reaches environments. I just beat reach I know what Im talking about.

talltony2967d ago

This looks nuts. Look at everything happening on screen. look at the weather, the explosions, the sound. This is why I laugh at people that say reach looks better. You can only like the art style better in reach not the actual tech.

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Imperator2967d ago

Honestly, I'd say I enjoy Halo and KZ equally. They're both really fun in their own ways.

Eiffel2967d ago

Only fair comparison I see is gameplay, and the winner of that is obvious.

Hank Hill2967d ago

Eiffel is right, Killzone 2 is the obvious winner when it comes to game play.

absolutecarnage2967d ago

Really I mean Really, Killzone is good but it will never ever reach the popularly and gameplay of the Halo series, come talk to me when the killzone has a fan base that stretches across 5 titles and supports them all, Hell if Halo 2 was still able to play online people would be playing it as well

Eiffel2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I meant Halo, Killzone 2 didn't do jack shit that hasn't been done for any other generic shooter.

Killzone 2: Multiplayer.

Halo: Multiplayer, Custom Maps, Custom Gamestypes, Forge, Theater, Record Video, Screenshots, Custom Firefight,Campaign Matchmaking, Fileshare etc. I rest my case.


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Sea_Man2967d ago

Nice to see Halo receiving the attention it deserves.


Man your screen name say it all... Better then Killzone 2??

No way!!

donkeydoo2967d ago

They must be doctoring those images because man Halo Reach look ridiculous.

RudeSole Devil2967d ago

They don't doctor anything that's what the game looks like on my TV.

units2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

capture card

Traveler2967d ago

Halo Reach is a beautiful game. I don't like comparing games because they are all so different and each look good in their own ways. So I will leave it at that.

Sea_Man2967d ago

Dude your nuts I swear... Sorry but Halo Reach looks that good. Believe me I follow the LOT, been for a while and as much as people try to discredit them they always come out one top!

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Soul Train2967d ago

Best FPS of all time, period.

Seijoru2967d ago

I can't believe you're getting disagrees, some people have no taste.

NiteX2967d ago

More like most overrated FPS of all time.

units2967d ago

have you read up on digital foundry latest tech analysis

Sea_Man2967d ago

Who cares! they are not analysing the game but playing it. Besides I lost all respect for digital foundry with their Enslave Demo analysis. I down loaded both versions and saw screen teraing on my Xbox! Right in the middle of the screen.... Right in plan site it was a lot more then

"an occasional tear at the top of the screen”. which he writes.

Why does he sugarcoat the Xbox 360 so much.. Just tell the damn truth.. The Xbox performed better then the PS3 but it had it's share of tearing... Instead he caters to his XBOX fan-club... It's rediclous... Also if why can't you download any of his videos... You know why cause you can play it back frame by frame... Then you'd see he's full of SH&T!!

Just saying I don't like liars!

heroprotagonist2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Really? That's funny because I lost all respect for lens of truth when they lied about the supposed screen tearing in the 360 demo of Enslaved. I played the demo myself and there is no visible screen tearing in the 360 version. If Digital Foundry found that there is some minor screen tearing at the top of the screen I believe it, but it definitely isn't visible on my HDTV. It must be covered by the overscan.

Actually I lost all respect for lens of truth a long time ago when I realized that they were heavily biased towards the PS3. They always try their best to somehow spin things in a way to give the PS3 the win. Of course, when it is too blatantly obvious the 360 version is superior they have to admit it and give it to the 360. But if there is any way they can possibly construe things to give a win to the PS3 they will.

Digital Foundry I have found to be much more professional and impartial. Most importantly, I have found their conclusions to match my own on the games that I have compared myself. Lens of Truth, on the other hand, often contradicts things I know to be true based on my own comparisons. The recent deception about the supposed screen tearing in the 360 demo of Enslaved is only the most recent example.

hackersdelight2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

check out the screen tearing proof on the xbox 360.
ohhhhh your beloved digital foundry has failed you. now we know where their money comes from. I trust the site with gamers working for it not tech geeks

Tempjf2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Yea you can trust who ever you want but I belive my own eyes and LOT has always presented the facts for you to decide. I too have downloaded both demos of Enslaved and the Xbox 360 100% has visible screen tearing in the middle of the screen. You know some peoples eye can't detect screen tearing so you may not be able to see it but one things for sure you'll see this, I hope. Check the link below.

come_stains2967d ago

From reading so much on how the LOT was wrong and how the Xbox had little or no screen tearing I decided to downloaded both versions, just to see which site could be trusted. Once I saw tearing in the middle of the screen on the XBOX 360 I made my decision. Your beloved digital foundry is full of garbage. Besides the LOT lets you at least download their uncompressed video which can be played back! Just becuase your didn't see it doesn't mean it not there...

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Joe Bomb2967d ago

You obviously cannot see correctly, or more likly you are using your bias 360 glasses because the proof is in the link hackersdelight just posted, and that is impossible to deny. Not quite sure how you can argue when the proof is right there. Maybe if you had the ability to record the video yourself you would see, but since you don't I would pipe down.

Both versions of Enslaved tear...its really not that big a deal.
Halo: Reach is great!

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