The do's and don'ts of Halo: Reach's armor abilities

An online idiot's guide to how not to get murdered in multiplayer with Reach's snazzy new armor abilities

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RedDead2945d ago

Good article. I'm surprised, I don't read much stuff off gamesradar. Useful tips all round.

Rainstorm812943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

I have a love/hate feeling about the armor abilities.

I love that there is finally sprint on halo......but the armor lock makes me want to strangle a kitten....

Eamon2943d ago

It's funny when you see a warthog charging at you and then you use armour lock causing it to explode into shit.

Jack-Pyro2943d ago

Not nearly as funny when you use Cloak to hide in a corner and assassinate everybody who comes through your doorway. Ahhhh Good Times.

2943d ago
Belasco2943d ago

I think that the sprint ability has been more helpful for me than any other ability. Armor lock and jetpack seems to make me more vulnerable.

RedDead2943d ago

All about the timing to me, Hologram has been by far the most useful to me though

antz11042943d ago

Lol I love the jetpack on levels like boardwalk but if someone is halfway good w/ a rifle it makes you a big, slow target.

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