PS360 Sales of F1 2010 Nearly Neck and Neck in the UK, Dead Rising 2 ( PS3 )Left in the Dust

Sales of F1 2010 in the UK were nearly split down the middle between the PS3 and the 360 in the UK for the week ending September 25th. The racing simulator on the 360 cruised slightly ahead of the PS3 version by a 51:48 ratio.

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units2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

nothing to do with ps3 port but more about the fanbase being on the 360 since the orignal

PirateThom2945d ago

This, pretty much.

With most poeple wanting this owning the original on 360 and the DLC on 360, there's little incentive to pick it up for PS3.

Genesis52945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

The graphics on the game(DR2) are some of the worst I've seen come out of Capcom. Think I'll wait for a price drop on that one.

Moonboots2945d ago

Genesis: The game was made by Blue Castle with Inafune working with and consulting. They are not using the MT Framework engine but an engine BC has designed.

The game is less about stellar visuals(even though they aren't that bad) but more about the game play. There is a lot to do in this game and one play through, unless you are really good, won't show you all the game has to offer.

I dunno why, but I really thought PlayStation gamers would connect with this game. It's quirky, fun and a little different something that PS fans usually respond and give a chance too. It gave me that PS2 vibe in a good way.

Genesis52945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Moonboots you make a very good argument. But with Castlevania LOS right around the corner. I think
I find that game more worth my money.

I did watch the Qore episode that did a feature on DR2 and while the game play did look interesting the game itself just didn't look that great. Not $60 great anyway.

In order for me to be willing to spend full price on a game it has to be the full package.
Good story, graphics and game play. Otherwise I'll wait till the price comes down. It almost always does.

Army_of_Darkness2945d ago

I was excited about dead rising 2, until I seen the massive screen tearing and ridiculous frame rate drops.. so F#@k that sh1t! I'm getting lords of shadow.

Godmars2902944d ago

Except Capcom is openly pissing on PS3-only owners by doing a poor port on top of excluding DLC. Paid DLC at that. It might be quirky, but its a dumbed down, trivialized version of the first. And again, they put no effort into making the PS3 version.

I've already said what kind of quirky zombie title I'd like to see, one that puts you in a dying city where you have to think as well as fight against undead hordes. Not a group of scenes where "enemies" just wonder around for the most part waiting to be hit with bats, buckets and moose heads.

Red_Orange_Juice2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

I don't care about DR2 this game is boiring and stupid, it can sell 100 360 copies to to one PS3 copy, whatever, this game can vanish i won't even notice.

The racing simulator on the 360 cruised slightly ahead of the PS3 version by a 51:48 ratio. The remaining 2% of sales were made up by the PC version of the game.
51+48+2=101 WTF?

R0me2944d ago

I saw the game on live stream. Well sorry to say that, but it didnt look good. You run through masses of Zombies, who do nothing, just standing around. At one point you had to fight a guy on a motorcycle and it was just stupid. I dont understand why xbox people like it.

The next game I buy is:Fallout: News Vegas.

aaron58292944d ago

really ?

the zombies do nothing ?

LOL ! Thats lame.

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JustSomeLogic2945d ago

But there are actually people on this planet that actually have both consoles. Which means, when a multiplat game releases, those with some semblance of logic will opt for whatever version is superior. In this case, the exclusive dlc and technical upper-hand favor the 360 version.
So yes, in short, a poor port may be the cause of those numbers...well that plus UK is 360 land 2.0

Nitrowolf22945d ago

dude i really don't think that.
Bayonneta for PS3 sold more then the 360 version, And that was another crappy port from Capcom.
It is most likely because the original was for the 360 and like the guys above me have said more familiar fanbase. Plus the dlc also could have helped.

I mean the majority of people who buy games don't even know that it is a crappy port

Natsu X FairyTail2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

''dude i really don't think that.
Bayonneta for PS3 sold more then the 360 version, And that was another crappy port from Capcom. ''

I dint know Bayonetta was from Capcom.

the game was made by sega and platinum by the way.

Nitrowolf22945d ago

oh thxs NAT
i always get SEGA and Capcom Mixed up
Some Days i even think Sonic is from Capcom

but the point about it being a crappy port being the reason why it sold less doesn't really stand when a game like Bayonneta sold more on the crappier version

Scotland-The-Brave2945d ago

The general gamer doesn't/wont know the differences between the 360 and the ps3 versions. So a bad port wont really impact sales that much.

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Pedobear Rocks2945d ago

the original was one that I wished was on happy that 2 was coming...but given the news about Crapcoms great support of PS3...I won't be getting it. So my case chalk it up to a piss poor game.

Moonboots2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I don't know about this bad port stuff but the franchise started and is known on the 360 so I'm not surprised there are more purchases on that platform.

Great game, at least give it a rental. Don't listen to all the over-blown talk about the minor problems, you are just giving into the fanboy propaganda. It is fun and a tear here and there won't make it any less of an enjoyable game.

jackdoe2945d ago

Exactly. Capcom made no effort to expand the fanbase beyond the 360 as evidenced by the exclusive Prologue and Epilogue DLC. Releasing those on the PC and PS3 would have gone a long way in sales. But alas, they didn't.

vhero2944d ago

Dead rising selling more on the 360 shouldnt surprise one person since most 360 owners probably played the original and decided to get the sequel while ps3 gamers are still new to series (well except those who own both consoles or came from 360). As for F1 it's HUGE in UK so no surprise it's selling well on both consoles really. Since there are supposedly millions more 360s sold over here though F1 should be more for 360 really but meh could be down to the fact RROD killed some of those consoles off or the fact that some still are only hardcore gamers either way F1 will continue to sell neck and neck in UK thanks to it being a national favourite.

tinybigman2944d ago

i found nothing special about DR1 so i'm not wasting money on the sequel. castlevania will be the next purchase made money well spent.

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emil12945d ago

The remaining 2% of sales were made up by the PC version of the game.

yep. pc is not dead.

well done sony. F1 sold almost equally as on x360. that's great considering there are 5 million x360's and only 3 million ps3's in UK.

CernaML2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Uh... I'm pretty sure digital sales are never counted. Please take your ignorant sarcasm else where.

Update - nice try. That article you linked me still proves that your sarcastic comment is completely ignorant. PC game sales are still strong.

sailor752945d ago

kiddo, deal with it, PC gaming is DEAD.

CernaML2944d ago

lol PS1 gaming died before PC gaming died. N64 gaming died before PC gaming died. PS2 gaming died before PC gaming died. Xbox gaming died before PC gaming died. 360, wii and PS3 gaming will die before PC gaming will ever die. Deal with it.

You're a PS3 supporter apparently, yet you're giving all of us other PS3 gamers a bad name.

CernaML2944d ago

Oh for the love of God, emil, just stop trying. You're using MW2 as an example of why PC gaming is dieing now? Really? Obviously you have absolutely no understanding of PC gaming at all. There's a reason why Bad Company 2 performed much better on the PC than the 360 and PS3 compared to MW2.

CernaML2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Hey emil, quit being a coward. I know you don't want everyone to see how much you are failing but please, no more PMs. It's no fun that way. :)

And just to make you happy:

"Interestingly, last we checked in, the highest percentage of that 2.3m are PC gamers... "

Newtype2945d ago

Dead Rising is not even worth it, crappy rehash game.

moparful992945d ago

Thats what blows my mind they are soooo quick to point out the sales ratios but they totally neglect the ratio compared to the install bases of the respective platforms.. Just take EA for example, they make more money off of ps3 sales then they do 360 sales despite the 360 having a higher install base.. Wonder why this is?? Maybe because ps3 gamers are inundated with games that it usually takes a while for them to pick up a title.. I know for me I just spent 150 bucks on my move setup and I'm too busy with it to really care about dead rising 2.. May pick it up later but considering that Fallout new vegas, medal of honor, gran turismo 5, little big planet 2, enslaved odyssey to the west, and my god of war ghost of sparta psp bundle all come out within the next month and a half dead rising 2 has slid down my list of games I plan on buying..

Kareshi_X2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

no. they make more money because there's no(small) piracy on the PS3 and a whole lot on the xbox360.

Scotland-The-Brave2945d ago

Im pretty sure its a mixture of both.

lowcarb2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Ea is playing psychological games with PS3 fanboys. The best way to get there negative image out of minds was to pamper it's enemies with love words and faulty info. I would never trust EA.

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