Americas Preorders Chart 25 September 2010 - Dead Rising 2

"Three games are in their final week before release Dead Rising 2, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and FIFA Soccer 11. Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) and Call of Duty: Black Ops pre-orders continue to pick up. 15 games are over 100,000 pre-orders and 26 games are over 50,000 pre-orders."

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wat6342968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Kinect adventures is beating gran turismo 5 in preorder sales for this week.

Hope ps3 users have fun with gran turismo as ill be having fun with kinect.

@below Dont care what people think, also, gt5 just seems like a boring simulator with shinier graphics. (my opinion)

Serjikal_Strike2968d ago

HOPE.....WE WILL be having a blast playing GT5!!!

have fun looking like a fool!

JokesOnYou2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

"Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) pre-orders pick up for a second straight week as there were 10,000 new pre-orders this week. The game is at a total of 191,000 with six weeks left until release." -vgchartz

"Kinect Adventures! with six week left until release, crosses into the top 10 as it adds 13,000 pre-orders for a total of 136,000 with seven weeks until release." -vgchartz

-I think a ton of little kids are going to be getting kinect this holiday season, micro aimed launch lineup squarely at the kids, it sure is looking to be a good strategy business wise, damm preorders alone will outpace move's initial launch estimates. Theres alot of kinect bashing, while I agree the launch games are very casual, I don't see any killer apps for move NOW either, seems like both have this "wait and see" potential for the hardcore and frankly I don't put too much faith in title due out next year because sony tends to announce things early only later to delay them, lol its so funny listen to all the "flailing around" comments for kinect as if you look so much cooler jabbing at a tv screen with two glowing dildo's, lmfao talk about hypocrisy....its clear why many ps3 fanboys hate kinect so much nevermind the fact that its competing with move but its threatening to take the spotlight away from some a major sony exclusive.


naznatips2968d ago


Maybe, but it's certainly not something I'm picking. $150 for some of the worst launch games I've ever seen in my life? No thanks.

Imperator2968d ago

NA is GT's weakest territory, don't act like you don't know that.

Anon19742968d ago

Of course, that could be 191,000 preorders of Gran Turismo 5, give or take 2 million. It is VGChartz after all. They're no where close to official data, they're sometimes off as much as 30% from NPD data, they just aren't a site to be taken seriously, and they've gotten worse in the last year. I really wonder what it's going to take for the N4G community to stop approving VGChartz best guess every single week. Do you think the people who approve this junk bother to go back when real numbers are revealed to see if VGChartz was even in the ballpark? I'm guessing not.

The Maxx2967d ago

@ darkride66

Are you saying that Kinectanimals could also be wrong and thus maybe an additional 2 million pre orders haven't been recorded for that game as well like GT5?

Or is the media once again showing it's bias head and is undercutting GT5's real pre-order estimates.

If you are going to claim that VGChartz has a reputation of not being accurate, then it goes across the board, not just for the games you particularly feel should be higher.

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All_4_One2968d ago

"Hope ps3 users have fun with gran turismo as ill be having fun with kinect."
Oh, trust me, I will be. I`ll be hoping on my Logitech G27, the best racing wheel on the market not compatible with the 360, and the best racing simulator on the market, GT5. Have fun with Kinect though :)

F4sterTh4nFTL2968d ago

there is big difference that you will only see when you grow up some day.

Hallmark Moment2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

MSFT's Kinect adventures will sell and appeal to consumers like Wii sports etc for Nintendo. I promise you there will be massive adoption on a scale that seems Wii-like.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )


This generation of gamers prefer Kinect over GT5.......lol4rl!

JustSomeLogic2968d ago

This generation of gamers actually have different preferences! What is the world coming to when not all people worship the game that you do? This totally shouldn't be happening

Imperator2968d ago

It's just sad actually. Well, there's enough morons in this world for scum like M$ and Activision to make money.

LoydX-mas2968d ago

all the companies you spend your money with are not scum?

Yea, right. :)

moparful992968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Umm 191,000 for gt5 and 135,000 for kinect sports says that gt5 is the prefered game at this point.. Logic fail.

EDIT: I decided to go back and check the pre-orders for a little game called uncharted 2 at approximately the same time frame in regards to release date.. [

Hmm thats odd uncharted 2 was at 179,867 on sept 9th 2009.. Just a mere 4 weeks from launch and that game whent on to sell 3.66 million units worldwide.. Interesting how ps3 games don't do alot in terms of pre-orders but usually end up selling more then a million copies which is success no matter how you slice it.. Of course the 360 crowd thinks that anything that doesnt sell 8 million copies is an insta failure yet uncharted 2 sits as the highest rated exclusive title this generation.. Go figure. Trust me gt5 will be the best selling ps3 exclusive hands down.. I predict 6-7 million copies world wide..

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maniacmayhem2968d ago

I don't think there's much demand for racer type games. They all seem to be niche games that only a certain few demand.

As for the kinect, the idea of voice activation, moving menus around and video conferance sounds for the games....well...*thinks

Panzer Dragoon sounds good!

GoldPS32968d ago

I take it you never played a GT game. GT games have always been fun. Do you really believe those gimmick Kinect games look more fun than GT5? If that's what you believe then fine.

pwnd_of_lol2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Gran Turismo 5 180 k"

Are you fracking joking? That's fracking HORRIBLE HORRIBLE pre-orders. PS3 flagship title, and it hasnt pre-orders 200 k in the USA yet?

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units2968d ago

they would lowered the prince on kinect already

JustSomeLogic2968d ago

Yeah no, he's unavailable at the moment, but they got the next best thing, Justin Bieber!
Lol. Sorry buddy. Did not mean to make fun of your spelling error

JustSomeLogic2968d ago

I am genuinely excited for Kinect, I'm borderline ecstatic. Even if it's for the simple things it can do, like voice control and what not, bottom line is that Microsoft have succeeded in making me want this contraption of theirs.
Sure I'm going to have people disagree with me about my own excitement, as if to say they know me better than I know myself, but I do not care. MS promised a hype of a launch and they're delivering. They promised core games at tgs and they delivered. Of course the kinect haters started talking about on rails and no gameplay and nobody thought about hybrid kinect controller games.
I just wanna say, I can't wait to play with skittles.

SprSynJn2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

"bottom line is that Microsoft have succeeded in making me want this contraption of theirs."

Looks like they have two customers now. Hopefully you and wat up there can enjoy your Kinect thing while the rest of the world enjoys Gran Turismo. Hell, I don't care about GT5 myself either, but I am not foolish to ignore the reality that it will sell monstrously come its release. Can you say the same for Kinect even looking at this "pre-order" figures? I sure as hell cannot.

2968d ago
moparful992968d ago

I disagreed simply because microsoft is selling kinect on the premise that its "CONTROLLER FREE GAMING" yet core games cannot be done without a controller and you are even supporting the idea of a controller/kinect hybrid.. That is called false advertising. I'm sorry but kinect is just a shadow of the concept they unveiled and promised at e3 2009... If you want to support a company that overpromises and under delivers then thats on you... Have fun with that..

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