IGN: Top 25 PC Games 2010

Coming up with top 25 games lists is never an easy task. There are so many incredible products out there built by such talented people that deciding which make the list and which just miss it can be a painful process. The reality is there's only so much room, so invariably amazing titles have to be left off.

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adram3332d ago

the top five exclusives, are 5 RTS's.

who want's to bet

Pandamobile3332d ago

Top 5 will be like TF2, Half-Life 2 and or Half-Life 1, and then like Starcraft or a a Warcraft game.

adram3332d ago

ow, i thaught it's 2010 only games, my bad

il-mouzer3332d ago

it's a 2010 list

although TF2 and HL2 kept on receiving regular updates so we might see them on the list

MrMccormo3332d ago

I feel that IGN had been out of touch with the PC market for quite a number of years. They basically just slap Valve and Blizzard games into there with a couple of lesser-known games to keep up their mask of gamer cred. They ignore so many facets of PC gaming it's sick. I'm convinced they're console-only gamers who draw the short end of the stick and have to do PC reviews every once in a while.

jjank113332d ago

IGN is epic failure with these lists lately, they are full of themselves. Just release all 25 list at once and write much less about them.

akiraburn3332d ago

Completely agree, and your avatar is awesome.

ATi_Elite3332d ago

We know the top 25 of all time as most PC gamers can recite them verbatim.

How about a list of the top 25 PC games of 2010 in case a few gems were missed while playing Arma II:OA marathons or running from bloodsuckers in the Zone.

KingKiff3332d ago

I agree.

I have just played through SOC with the complete mod, CS with the complete mod and have just started a second play through of COP.

Good times, so many mutants.

ATi_Elite3332d ago

I'm impatiently waiting on Call of Pripyat complete

and 2012 Stalker 2

KingKiff3332d ago

Stalker 2 would be nice.

Hopefully we won't have to wait for another complete mod for it though.

DJKGBYF3332d ago

I hope Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Battlefield 1942/2, and Star Wars Battlefront are on there.

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