Dead Rising 2 Critical Gamer Review

Critical Gamer: The world of Dead Rising owes a lot to Rockstar Games. Its sandbox-like play area where a player can wander anywhere they want to, and cherry picking missions handed down via mobile phone, smacks of Grand Theft Auto. But it also pays dues to Rockstar’s State Of Emergency. In State Of Emergency you ran around a shopping mall, fighting off hordes of enemy gangsters until your time ran out or you got your ass whooped. In Dead Rising 2 you run around a huge shopping mall complex, mashing zombies to a pulp until the time runs out or you get eaten. In State Of Emergency you could use just about anything that came to hand to murder opponents. In Dead Rising 2, much like the original, you can use just about everything you see to send the undead packing through the gates of Hell.

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JustSomeLogic2945d ago

I'll be sure to check this game out...soon

DORMIN2943d ago

I've always said Dead Rising is a lot like it, finally nice to see a reviewer mention it.

andron2944d ago

Mine is in the mail, still... Come on Norwegian postal hobos...

2943d ago