Zipper: Thanks for Playing the 2010 MAG Beta

"As the final MAG Beta session ends later this evening (8pm Pacific/ 11pm Eastern), we wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone who participated in the play tests over the last several weeks.

While the beta program will be used again in the future (don’t delete it!), your help with this edition prepared us for the impending launch of MAG 2.0 and we’re extremely excited about the additions we’re bringing to the game. We couldn’t have accomplished what we did without you — be it the new skill tree, the Supply Depot economy system, the Clan Deploy feature, the PlayStation Move support, or the Escalation tests for our future DLC — there’s certainly going to be a lot of great fun in your future and you have yourselves to thank for it.

And so do we. Cheers!"

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SeanRL3336d ago

Trying* to play, I had a lot of connection problems :P

Elvfam5113336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

The only thing stopping me from keep playing MAG is my ps3 keeps shutting off while playing it....
This is the only game that does that I really hate it any of you guys/gals think I should delete my data and start over (i dont mind) I might go valor if I do or just stick to sweet oh sver....

MAG_SVER3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I don't know about deleting it, but I would say stick with SVER :)

lol, not because of my name, I

jjacinto233335d ago

I just bought a MAG today and i got Move......... i wasn't impress or anything but I'm going to return the game because i need cash and i pre order Mass effect 2 on ps3, lbp2, castlevania, and kz3.................

nnotdead3335d ago

MAG isn't a pick up play kind of game. it really takes time to develop your character, and to learn how to each game type and map. find a clan to play with and give it some time.

8-bit3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

@jjacinto23, nnotdead is right. It does take time. I really didn't like MAG at first either, till I started upgrading and getting more kills, points, large scale games. You don't even get to play the 256 matches till you level up. Also, I hope you kept your Move for LBP2 and KZ3

jjacinto233335d ago

It's hard..............btw i was a SVER

Pennywise3335d ago

Ahh I remember when games being hard was a good thing. I remember when challenges were welcome and not frowned upon.

People these days want it easy. They want infinite continues, unending deaths, regenerating health, infinite ammo... It is quite sad.

I like when games have no difficulty. I want them to be frustrating, yet satisfying once you master it. Demons Souls was a blessing... All of this cookie cutter easy bake oven garbage makes me sick.

jjacinto233335d ago

Dude, you miss interpret me......It's hard for me because i need to save money to buy games

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M4ndat0ry_1nstall3336d ago

I always thought game companies ended betas when the game ships to retail....? Also what is M.A.G 2.0, a standalone game or an update?

Drycell043336d ago

it's an update for the beta that was released

Nitrowolf23336d ago

The beta was just to test there new dlc, LBP did it with water many games do beta to test new features out

rdgneoz33336d ago

It was also testing out Move controls.

MAG_SVER3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

That is so funny, cause I always thought companies test their Products/Hardware prior to releasing them. I didn't know they still leave it in the users responsibility to locate & report DEFECTIVE HARDWARES (rrod/rdod) But I guess I'm wrong.

See what I did there !!!

jerethdagryphon3336d ago

additionally mag is an ongoing project by keeping a beta system going to test new stuff they save money time and effort rather then having to make a new beta system each time

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TheDeadMetalhead3336d ago

I haven't played this game in quite awhile (around 1.04) and I was thinking of playing it again. Just how much has the game changed since then?

Trroy3336d ago

Quite a bit, actually. The v2.0 update will be a huge change.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3336d ago

this 2.0 will make this somewhat of a new game with the dramatic changes to the character loadouts/weapons systems/etc... and the addition of Move tech will make this a completely different experience this go around.

this will get me back into Mag for a while, im sure this and the price drop will bring some old blood and some new blood back into the mix for a while I just hope that along with this new update they address some of the issues with hit detection.

TheDeadMetalhead3335d ago

I guess it's time to go download some patches then. ;o

Doletskaya3336d ago

Nothing you can notice while your playing. Seriously, what changes are you expecting from patches anyway?

Pennywise3336d ago

You have got to be kidding... MAG has changed so much since 1.04, and now with 2.0 the changes are big and exciting.... never mind that, I am sure you are already back to playing Reach and not paying attention anymore.

gamingisnotacrime3336d ago

nice, the move will be interesting to see how well it performs

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