Interview With Hydrophobia’s Rob Hewson Making waves on Xbox Live Arcade


"With Hydrophobia, the latest in a line of retail-quality Xbox Live Arcade games hitting download servers right about now, OXCGN scored an exclusive interview with Rob Hewson, Senior Creative Designer at developer Dark Energy.

Read on for the details on why Hydrophobia transitioned from a disc release to Live Arcade, how water plays a more integral role in gameplay than any game before and the scores you have to reach to literally beat them at their own game!"

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BadCircuit2943d ago

The water physics look great! Hope that the looks translate well into the gameplay.

gaminoz2943d ago

I think this might have been a great idea by the devs to get it onto XBLA instead of as a full retail disc as originally planned.

I see this as the way smaller devs should get their stuff saved from all too frequent cancellations because they aren't backed by huge publishers.

I think games like Theseis, Darkest of Days (not released in PAL territories), Faith and a 45, The Crossing, Crusaders: Invasion of Constantinople, Salvation, Rainy Woods, To End All Wars etc. could have seen a release this way and with low overhead costs might have made some $$ too.

dgroundwater2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Good to see someone with thoughts of Faith and a .45. You said "Rainy Woods" and made me laugh though :P

gaminoz2943d ago

How come? I thought it looked a bit interesting...though to be honest I'd rather Faith and some of the others much more.

Hydrophobia looked to be gone a year ago, so it is good it found a way to make it out. Hopefully it does well so other smaller devs think of doing the same.

XboxOZ3602943d ago

I hope so to, the size of the game file wise is really small compared to normal game sizes, just 1.3 gig for the entire game, and the hydroengine works a treat actually.

Making movement in the water difficult depending on depth, current and flow. As well as the dynamic changes when a room is flooded, be that by you, or others.

I'll have my review up later, there's a challenge from the developers at the end of the interview if you look, see if you can beat the dev teams score of the leaderboard.

Godem2943d ago

Geez I've forgotten all about XBL Arcade... has there been less promotion and good games this year or am I just getting older?

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