IGN Editorial: Is Halo Behind the Curve?

With the release of Halo: Reach fresh in the minds of gamers across the globe, there is little doubt that the lone Spartan against the world epic is one mighty franchise. After all, 2004 saw Halo 2 sell a whopping 2.4 million copies, earning up to $133 million AUD in its first 24 hours on store shelves and beating out 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest' as the highest grossing release in entertainment history.

Yet despite Microsoft and Bungie having the means to continually overflow their respective pools of money with each subsequent release, the gaming sceptic has to ask: has Halo actually fallen behind the cavalcade of today's first person shooters?

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dizzleK2945d ago

If you want CoD go play CoD. I don't care how "behind the times" Halo is, it's still infinitely more fun than the generic-ass shit brown "modern/future" war games flooding the shelves.

Seijoru2945d ago

Killzone 2 was not generic and Killzone 3 won't be generic. I feel bad for you if you think games need to be extremely shiny and colorful when war is gritty and real. This just goes down to subjective taste and calling something generic because it is trying to replicate a war scenario is idiotic.

MerkinMax2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Don't jump the gun. Just so you know tough, I love Killzone and Halo :O

Chubear2945d ago

So you think Halo reach "might" be behind the curve but you still gave it a 9.5 rating? Really?!? a game that might be behind the curve is a 9.5?

Media houses like IGN are certainly a big problem with the games industry and moving it forward

NewsForMe2945d ago

Call of Duty is pretty brown and dull. MW2 also seems to be the very near future. I think you jumped the gun on that one.

Seijoru2945d ago

He implied it because of all the idiots who say KZ is too gray etc.

theonlylolking2945d ago

Where did he even mention Killzone? I dont understand why you even thought about bringing it up. Are you from the future or something?

-Alpha2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

All games fall behind a curve, all of them have shortcomings. Most games don't even have half the content Halo offers. In terms of story, graphics, etc. well yes, it's obviously not the best looking or has the best story.

Like any other game there are shortcomings in areas. I just find that Halo's shortcoming (graphics) are way over-emphasized by people around here.

It's the problem of this generation when graphics are the ultimate way to judge a game and gameplay is either ignored or made inferior simply because it's easier to post pics of graphics and claim superiority.

webeblazing2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

why everybody always on bungie nuts let them have their time in the lime lite everybody else got theirs. the game is hott now lets move on and wait for their next project. and we should start bashing articles like this.

its us vs. them

P.S. wake me up when any game do something new i been waiting for 10 yrs.

Lich1202945d ago

Well, killzone is extremely desaturated. Just like gears, its the look they're going for. Also, and correct me if I wrong, but when a war breaks out the spectrum of visible light doesn't shrivel up like a cold ballsack.

Im not knocking either, I love every game mentioned thus far in the comment section.

peowpeow2945d ago

Agree completely Lich120

War is gritty, yes, but a gritty atmosphere can be achieved in both colored and desaturated looking games.

I love both KZ2 and Reach.

I never really gave KZ2 multiplayer a chance as there's no Aussies to play with, but I've played quite a bit lately and I must admit it's great and the latency for US servers aren't really noticable surprisingly. On the other hand, I'm a big fan of the Halo series, and as a result am addicted to Reach x)

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drewboy7042945d ago

Halo's a great series. It may not be realistic or accurate but its a sci-fi game 540+ years in the future. Modern warfare 2 almost appeared like a casual game since it was easy for people who just got their first cod game in mw2 two weeks b4 there first nuke. Noob tubing and commando. Where were the legit perks?

Halo's a perfect game for me

Convas2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Interesting. My response?


Thanks, but I'll stick with Halo (And Resistance and shooting aliens is my kind of fun).

AtatakaiSamurai2945d ago

did you post that pic of halo to imply it's somehow on par or better than the pics you posted for MW, MoH and KZ2 or are you trollin on halo on the sly cause if you were indeed trying to make a point that halo reach looks better then THAT pic is definitely not the one you should be using no matter how large you display it... it actually makes it look worse blown up like that :/

Convas2945d ago

No you silly fool, this has nothing to do with graphics, this has to do with the generic nature of the shooters that are popular today. The first picture showcases just how similar the prettiest (Killzone 3), the most controversial (Medal of Honor) and the most popular (Modern Warfare 2) shooters have in common. Whilst Halo, whilst being slammed with being a "generic Space shooter" looks all the more original.

SO no, Halo is NOT behind the curve, and I'm not stealth trolling Halo.

NewsForMe2945d ago

A game doesn't have to have aliens to look good, but I love Halo. Team Fortress 2 has a great art style.

n4gno2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Original like what... unreal tournament perhaps ? :)

"It's definitely on par with Killzone"

for fun perhaps, but graphics, common, buy a good hd tv if you can't see evidences.

Roozium2944d ago


Killzone 2 is not fun to play. It's frustrating and extremely slow.

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darkequitus2945d ago

Apart from Half-life 2 and Bioshock, where are the story for the other games. CoD are all over the place for example, plus a super short campaign to boot.
Since HL2, the real innovative FPS was Portal. Everything else including Halo was more of the same. Until MW2, the CoD campaign design were archaic. No real A.i just infinate spawning enemies that could hit a pea with a grenade at 500 paces.

I will give KZ2 and Halo 3/OSDT/Reach (minus the driving although I think that is part of a halo game now) the A.i crown for different reasons for recent FPS games on consoles(last 3 years).

theonlylolking2945d ago

Half life 2 is bad. I was nearly bored to death(not literally). Now portal is a game changer for sure.

KZ2 did minor stuff. Like game mode changing while in the same match, great clan system until boosting arrived, and showing people that the PS3 can do better graphics than what was previously thought. Other than that KZ2 did not do really anything different than what has already been put out already.

Unicron2945d ago

Actually, I'm sick of everyone conforming to CoD's uber high damage and pick your weapon at the start crap. I think Halo should continue to keep weapons on the map for pickup, and keep the damage model low. Hardly "behind the curve," it's being true to itself!

theonlylolking2945d ago

When I shoot a bullet I expect them die die soon. Now halo has shields and is in the future so I understand that they can handle a few more bullets but 30 rounds of a AR and most of the time still not dead. Now that is ridiculous.

It should be more like 10 shots to take out shield with AR and 5 more bullets once shield is down with the AR.

kndy2944d ago

the future is all about balance.

Roozium2944d ago

It's 5 shot with the DMR. You have obviously not played Reach.

theonlylolking2944d ago


I have the DMR and I said the halo AR. The MA somthin. My favorite guns are the DMR, needler rifle, needler, and plasma pistol.

JoelR2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

I tend to think that even the modern shooters are not high enough damage....
If you got shot in the arm in RL - you are out....
Body Armor - keeps you alive but not combat worthy in most cases.
I like the Ghost Recon damage model for hits... Poof - DEAD
keeps the run and gunners away and even a luck hit can kill.

That said... HALO has it's own sweet spot and Bungie has hit a homer with it. It may not be perfect for everyone but it's great for most.

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