ButtonMasher: Little Big Planet 2 BETA impressions

ButtonMasher: So guess who’s back and BETA than ever (I apologise for the weak joke, even by my standards). I was fortunate enough to get access to the eagerly anticipated BETA program for Little Big Planet 2. By now you’ll be aware that the full release of the game has been delayed until Jan 2011, just a few months extra to wait and judging on what I’ve already seen, it’ll be well worth the wait.

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killcycle2969d ago

I love LBP and think it's one of the most inovative games ever made but one thing about it that really needs changing is the little glitch that times out players who are left behind.

Sometimes the game don't know who is ahead and who's behind due to everyone making stages in different directions so sometimes the person in front would get timed out instead of the people at the back.

Now this ain't usually a big deal but for those micromachine type user created games it's gotta be the most irritating thing.

Your winning a race against 4 buddies and because you go too far YOU get timed out instead of the people you've left behind.

blusoops2969d ago

online, since everyone can have their own camera view. However local mp, i'm not sure.

thor2966d ago

Here's how it works in LBP2:

You have an option to make your levels competitive - this will cause players' scoring to be seperate and every online player will have their own camera.

For local players, there is a new global option which allows you to control the maximum camera zoom in play mode. The camera can zoom out reeeealy far so for small races you would be able to see the whole track at once.

Also it would be possible to use logic and camera controls in a racing game to design your own camera and have it such that players don't get timed out at all.

rbluetank2967d ago

i really like the new level design tools for LB2. LB2 is shaping up very well so far... i already have my money down on this game...